COS RX K-skincare DOCTOR V Reviews| Brown/ Dark skin| Snail 96 mucin, Hydrogel, Green Hero, Cleanser

COS RX K-skincare DOCTOR V Reviews| Brown/ Dark skin| Snail 96 mucin, Hydrogel, Green Hero, Cleanser

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  • Hi doctor, I am a bit concerned cause the powder and niacinimide serum Say IT is meant to help reduce the pores and production of sebum but our skin, black skin is already low on sebum as our hair, si reduce the pores don't help our skin as white Skin ..

    so since the first day I bought theses Products I was concerned. I still use for 3 Weeks to confirm and my skin begin to react by showing spots on my face.

    Can you enlighten me please doctor thank you ❤️

  • Hello! I'm a 37 yo female of color. Have a few questions. Will the snail 96 replace serum (vitamin c is what I use) or does it replace toner? I'm trying to find a skin care routine and I'm seeing I should do cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, spot treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Is this accurate? What toner, serum, eye cream and spot cream do you recommend? I'm so confused and appreciate your help.

  • Does the snail product clog pores and suitable for oily skin

  • Numbuzin products good for pigmentation dark spots and uneven skin tone please reply

  • I am so glad I found your Chanel. I am just a regular Mexican guy who tries to take care of my skin the best I can and on top of it I have sensitive acne prone skin. I am tiered of going through videos and videos on reviews about products that are sponsored and I’ve trusted some with aweful results. I am so glad Chanel’s like yours exist and I’ll be purchasing your store as well. I don’t know if you believe in god but I wish for you to receive the full blessings of god and thank you so much.

  • Can we use cosrx advance snail 92 all in one cream after cosrx retinol 0.1%? Does cosrx advance snail 92 all in one cream work as a moisturiser?

  • pimples free skin k lye planet Ayurveda ki neem medicines use kr sakte ho

  • Can you please do a review on the brand name : NUMBUZIN plesee

  • Which one is the best for skin whitening and actual good glass skin with ur skin color?

  • I am concerned about how they get the snail mucin. If it is a secretion during stress, then they will be stressing the poor creature in bulk and it is cruel. I don't want to try such a product

  • I just realized the damage witch hazel has on my face what would you recommend instead ?

  • Could you cover cosrx salicylic acid cleanser?

  • Can you please help with the above mentioned products order and when to apply

  • Snail 96 is it ok for teenagers ?

  • Can u do a routine with k beauty in your 30s interested in cosxr purito and beauty of joseon

  • Unfortunately my skin hates niacinimide 💀

  • Hi Dr. V, I heard about cosrx recently. Can I use this product before vitamin C or Tranexamic serum as I have pigmentation on face. Is it helpful & safe to use along with actives in pigmentation? Thank you.

  • Dr. V, can you also talk about korean sunscreen for color skin and with melasma..
    Thank you

  • Is Advanced snail 96 musin power essence is pregnancy safe?

  • Thank you Dr. Vanitta ♥️ Can you please review the numbuzin skin care serums!!

  • u realy confused me one day u recommend one skincare after you saying is no good for same skincare is not only one product just seen more then 1 product ,,is gives me negatives feeling about you not following you anymore

  • Dr V, can u do a review on Korean brand Numbuzin? They have great reviews and I want to hear your views.

  • So are they abusing the snails to make the secretion? Please somebody explain bf I but the essence.

  • Can we use this under retinol?

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