DOCTOR V Reviews Simple | Brown/ Dark Skin of Colour | SOC

DOCTOR V Reviews Simple | Brown/ Dark Skin of Colour | SOC

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Dr Vanita Rattan’s channel is dedicated to weekly teaching for skin of colour, which generally suffers from different skin issues relative to Caucasian skin and requires different products, routines and treatments.


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  • is micellar gel wash hydrated our skin?

  • Simple face moisturizer contain some chemical uv protection ingredients and is in high on list is not bad??

  • Please review the new Simple Moisturising Facial Wash. Thank you for this video, I feel seen and heard as a POC.

  • I love how you explain. ♥️

  • Hi Dr. Rattan — THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL of the helpful videos you produce for POC. For this Simple facial wash for sensitive skin, it appears to be high in Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) which I heard was bad for ALL skin types. Is that true?

  • That last cream with the SPF15 on it can someone with oily aka Combination skin use it after applying treatment serum? Thanks dr V

  • Dr V can you speak about the "All Good" line of sunscreens?

  • Sodium laureth Sulfate is good or bad

  • Please review on Bionike products

  • But aren't parabens carcinogenic?

  • Why no sunscreen product simple

  • 👏🏿👍🏾

  • please review dot and key products too

  • hello Dr. Vanita I don't have skin of color however I am watching your reviews and you are one of the best guides for me thank you for your work

  • Are simple hydrating light moisturizer good as per ingredients it is decent mam please just tell me once it it ok to buy

  • Can you please review La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume products for skin of color??

  • I'm binging your channel and i do ise simple…. I like their moisturizer soft on the skin….
    I got oily sensitive skin

  • How's CleanseMe cleanser?

  • Please do a class on aqualogica india, thank you so much for your time for us

  • Hello dr V, i am from India and love watching your video
    My skin is very oily acne prone and sensitive
    Whatever i put on my skin i get breakouts and biggest pimples anyone can imagine i got backne and pimples all over my chest too
    I am using bioderma facewash the blue one recommended by my doctor which i quite like
    And as in moisturizer i use dewsoft premia advanced moisturizer please review this product because i have never found any sort of video any where on you tube regarding this moisturizer.
    Please please please

  • I love your content 😍

  • You can say "Coloured skin" instead of "Skin of colour", right?

  • Is simple moisturizing facial wash good for dry skin

  • Hi! I recently have had some irritation at the border of my lips… It happens after washing with simple and also using various niacinamide products(the ordinary and Paula's choice)…. Anyone else and or suggestions? Thanks much!!

  • Really admire you a lot Dr..!

  • What about simple moisturizer

  • I really like Simple, since this video was made they’ve put out a load of actives, any chance you can review?

  • I have some acne problems on my skin, my skin type is oily and its sensitive too. Is the simple moisturizer suitable for me?? If any other moisturizer would be good for my skin, plz suggest~~🥺🥺

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Please can you do reviews on body lotions for skin of colour and also review on cetaphil products.

  • Thank you ♥️💕

  • Dimethicone traps the moisture and doesn’t let any more moisture in hence it’s also drying.

  • Does a seven year-old need a skincare routine?

  • Which is best physical sunblock to buy and easily available in store as opposed to online not everyone has facilities to buy online dear!thanks in advance Godbless u doing a wonderful job helping people with dark skin and high pigment issues 😘🤗🙏

  • Good work Doc. kindly requesting for review of Flori Roberts products

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