BREAKING NEWS – January 2023 Skincare Update

BREAKING NEWS – January 2023 Skincare Update

All the latest skincare news from the Morphe store closures, launch of the new The Ordinary Eye Serum, return of Hylamide, Glow By Ramon sunscreen and new trend for Laminated Skin

Hey guys and welcome back to Mad About Skin where in todays video we see the return of our skincare news update videos with a look at all thats happening in the skincare world and impacting our skin care routines.

In this video we look at the breaking news stories in the skin care world including the below:

Launch of The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Eye Serum – New product which is getting a lot of heat for its high price point.

Hylamide makes a return – The discontinued skincare brand is back in stock but for how long.

Glow By Ramon x Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Stick Collab

Morphe Store Closures – End of the iconic skincare and makeup line with the closure of morphe stores.

Laminated Skin – The latest tiktok skincare trend but is it worth a try.

I would love to know what you think of any of the skin care news mentioned in todays video so let me know in the comments below.

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Where To Buy Hylamide
Rest Of World: Please use links above and at the bottom of the page there will be a change location icon which will allow you to select the exact country you need.

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00:00 start
01:00 launch of the ordinary multi-peptide eye serum
02:50 return of hylamide
05:25 morphe closure
08:25 glow by Ramon X beauty of joseon sun stick
09:57 laminated skin
12:07 summary

Videos Mentioned:

10/10 Skincare 2022

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Eye Serum Review

Glow By Ramon Channel

Cassandra Bankson Video On Laminated Skin

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are keeping safe and well and I look forward to seeing you in the next video



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  • Hey guys and welcome to todays video.. If your interested in buying the Hylamide products mentioned then they can be found on the links below and dont forget to use the code I found online for 50% off 🙂 love you all so so much
    Where To Buy Hylamide
    Rest Of World: Please use links above and at the bottom of the page there will be a change location icon which will allow you to select the exact country you need.

    Use Code Deciem50 for 50% off with the links above

  • 🥰

  • so happy i caught this. i bought 10 bottles. i'm so mad they made me wait this long and also that they never emailed me as promised. if it weren't for you…

  • We need to talk about Facetheorys INSANE price raises?! Wtf it depends on country but so many things I had ordered 1-2 months ago are now double the price on the US site. Canada seems even worse. I understand inflation but increasing the cost by that much makes no sense

  • Sorry to contact you like this, I’m really confused about influencers raving about stylevana. I am having a very disappointing experience with them to say the least. I placed an order 4 weeks ago and have not received my parcel. I have emailed them on numerous occasions and all I get are automated responses. Please could you give me any advice that could help. Just to clarify I am not blaming anyone apart from stylevana and evri. Thank you

  • Loooove News 🎉❤!!!

  • 🌸

  • I live in the tropics. We look "moist" all day long … naturally.

  • Could you please review the new War Paint for Men skin care line? (Only three products.) The ingredients actually look quite good but I can't find reviews anywhere.

  • I was very excited for The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Eye Serum until I saw the price tag. I've had people say that a good eye treatment is worth that price point. I don't disagree that it might be worth it, but The Ordinary has prided itself on offering quality, science-backed formulas at affordable prices. I expect to be able to purchase multiple products from them for $25 and for me, it's the principal of alienating your original, budget-conscious consumer base. I am actually in need of a new eye cream or serum and have decided to place an order the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng + Retinal Revive Eye Serum. It's 30ml for less money.
    Oh my goodness…no one should want to look moist unless you've just bathed or gone swimming…LOL

  • The Ordinary has become way too expensive for me ! I wiill not purchase from them again, there are other better options out there within this price range. Thanks for the video Rob!🥰

  • Hey Rob, I'm still trying to find a replacement for the Hylamide HA Blur. Any dupes to recommend?

  • Hylamide products are discounted 50% off on the Australian Deciem website and marked final sale for a limited time only. Wonder if new stock will appear once the current inventory is sold out?

  • I just don’t get trends at all. Maybe it’s because I am in my late 40,s now 😂. I just stick to facts and use tried and trusted skin care and SPF every day! At 47 my skin is doing ok with this . As usual another fab video . Thankyou ❤

  • Rob, thanks for this. Saw this yesterday which was bit of a shock. Sephora dropped Selfless by Hyram and Item Beauty By Addison Rae

  • Omg a BoJ sun stick!! I hope it’s as good as/more affordable than the isntree one, I love that for body. Also, would love the MAS sunscreen in a body size 😉😘

  • Sub Q Eyes is out of stock for now, but I will try again after I receive their stock notification email. Thanks for the video, Rob!

  • Morphe was problematic before they even brought in the influencers!

  • These kind of videos are great. A bit of gossip, a bit of new product info, a bit of coming trends. Definitely a 👍🏻 from me!

  • Everyone do a shot everytime Rob says "moist"!! 🤪🥴🥴

  • Laminated skin? Why am I picturing someone wrapping their face in Saran Wrap and smearing Vaseline all over it? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Haha I laughed so hard when you kept saying "moist"

  • I want the ordinary eye peptide serum, but damn 25$ Rob?

  • I never follow trends, they come and go and unless the trend is from a trained professional, I don't really care.

  • This is my favorite series from you. Please continue doing this.

  • Thank you for your prompt videos! Have you tried Niod's FEEC eye serum? I wonder if the new Ordinary serum is comparable.

  • Laminated skin sounds stupid. Your collar will definitely get greasy and icky.

  • Hyram posted a video address Selfless not being in Sephora anymore. He said there is an announcement coming about a new retailer.

  • Where are MAS products made please?
    Thank you Rob. X

  • Hi Rob! I always enjoy your videos and your recommendations really do work out for me. Have you considered getting a microphone to update the quality of your videos. I have noticed that the sound is pretty quiet compared to ads inbetween! Lots of love

  • 10:52 is the moment for me… Happy new year and thanks for the amazing content.

  • Glow by Ramon sunscreen what.. I mentioned a stick he was trying had no idea it was a collab. Can't wait to try I love sticks and I know he'll make a tutorial to apply corrected. I started only use sticks to reapply because I don't know how much is enough for a first application so excited

  • I hope Hylamide returns. I really wanted their vitamin C serum. Or maybe do you know any dupe of it? 🙁 Or anything that would be oil-free with methylated ascorbic acid?

  • Always need the latest gossip……

  • It feels so heavy to wear – the laminated skin. Not for me !

  • Thanks for the info, Rob. SubQ Eyes ordered.

  • The hylamide is always out of stuck here in us I just check on there webside

  • I love GLOW BY RAMON!!!

  • Moist and sweaty. Good look 🤣 much love Rob xxxx

  • I do not understand the lamination trend at all, but it's probably because I have oily skin. Why would anybody want that look?

  • Love this video thanks Rob!

  • I love this series.. Will it be monthly?

  • 🥇🥇🥇🥇

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