Sleepover & Skincare Routine | Big Mood Vlog

Sleepover & Skincare Routine | Big Mood Vlog

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• Gina Darling:
• Nikki Limo:
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Big Mood


  • Does anyone know what sunscreen Gina uses??? 🥺

  • 10:47 Jess you could of used vitamin D pills

  • 🤩Nikki

  • My asian mum got me started at 13

  • Maybe 1080p wasn't the best choice for this video, lol

  • JESS is absolutely stunning WTF whenever i see your videos i'm always looking at your beautiful face and red lipsticks girl you are gorgeous

  • Anyone else think Gina's skin looks really irritated

  • Can we get hyram to review this please!!!!?

  • somebody pls get hyram to react to this asap

  • You guys should really check out skincare by hyram, James Welsh, and Susan Yara from Mixed makeup! They're not dermatologists or estiticians, but they're really knowledgeable about skincare. When they recommend products they take a look at the ingredients because some products can be very irritating when they claim to not be. Overall, I loved seeing all of you guys in this video❤!! Can't wait to see more!

  • Can anyone please reply if they’ve tried curology? Serious thoughts ???

  • Which sunscreen does Gina use? Thank you in advance.

  • I was trying to find this channel for the last 2 hours and couldn’t find it. I finally did!

  • This made me realize I’m so lucky to have discovered and learn about skincare at 21 lol

  • This was helpful as heck! Please do more if you think about things to help.
    (The ending credits picture SLAYS…let me take my inhaler y’all damn)😭🤣💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • I’m really lovin the vlogs

  • My two cents: Vitamin C is more effective in the morning, cause it helps get rid of free radicals which you will produce as you go about your day. At night if you have retinol in your routine, probably best to avoid other strong acids as it can increase irritation to your skin. Tretinoin is also prescription grade medicine so can only get this via your dermatologist. Retinol you can get over the counter and is much less potent compared to tretinoin, so as an introduction, trial retinol first, starting first with once weekly to slowly introduce it into your routine, and then slowly increase the frequency to daily once you feel your skin tolerates it well.
    If you're using hyaluronic acid – it's best to immediately apply moisturiser following this, because yes it does draw out moisture and keeps it on the surface, so don't leave it hanging on your skin for too long by itself, add moisture right after.
    Sunscreen is the best investment you can do for yourself! Happy skincare 🙂


  • I have been using sunblock, Asian skin care routines and laser treatments since I was 19 and I have no regrets. My friends used to think I was over zealous but now they're telling me they wished they at least started sunblock sooner. Take care of your skin everyone, it's the largest organ on your body!

  • What's the pumpkin thing that they got from Julia? Anybody know where to get it?

  • I feel like I’m doing a self care routine with a close group of girlfriends 😭😭 omg I need a bunch of friends like this

  • I really want nice clear skin. So jealous of anyone with good skin

  • Tiff is a good conversationalist when she is hammered… more hammered tiff

  • Gina must watch Hyram

  • -Double-cleanse in the evening (oil cleanse to break down makeup, water-based cleanser for… Cleansing lol)
    -Retinols are the BEST skincare addition aside from sunscreen
    -Oh yeah, SUNSCREEEEEEEEEEEN!! Of course only in the morning, but always use sunscreeeeeen guys!

    Even if the routines weren't great, I still just love watching you guys ❤

  • The vibes are immaculate

  • Gina said cleansing oil….. bought it. Done deal. They’re having a one piece collection rn if anyone is interested

  • jess, your vitamin c is not suppose to burn! your skin looks a bit red after applying too. Try giving the acids a break <3

  • These pictures at the end are like the hot evil villain in a novela, TERESA/RUBY vibes

  • Besides Ginas 3 types of essence everyone needs to follow her skincare. Her advice for Nikki is 👍 The 8 skincare routine 💕

  • tatcha is japanese but their packaging is extremely soothing and beautiful to look at

  • Yes!!!! Sleeep overs 😀

  • I miss Boze. What happened to her?

  • Thank you gorls! ❤️ so helpful

  • The new end card 😍

  • someone send me a list of these beauty products puhleez! I gotta know what to do to have nice skin like you guys

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