MOST Viewed Skin Care Shorts of All Time!

MOST Viewed Skin Care Shorts of All Time!

I’m reacting to the most viewed skin care YouTube shorts of all time- and boyyy there are some wild ones 💀 Watch to the end to see all of my reactions and opinions!

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00:00 – Intro
01:18 – DIY Face Mask
06:14 – Face Shaving?
08:34 – Bugs On Your Face
09:52 – Korean Skin Care Routine
12:52 – Dermaplaning Disaster
14:45 – Organizing Skin Care
16:01 – DIY Body Scrub
17:31 – Skin Transformation




  • I love how Hyram talks so professionally. I am new And I am already obsessed with his chanell!

  • If you're a girl and wanna shave your facial hair for your makeup to set better, use a gentle shaver and a shaving gel!

  • 8:48 no wonder I get that bug feeling when I'm asleep or laying down-

  • you're so humble, well informed and give some very good advice. i love watch your video as a skincare addicted, thanks to you too! I hope your line will arrive in Italy!Pleaseeeee!!love you

  • Hi hyram I’m a new fan but my friend actually told me about you but I’m commenting this because my mom dermaplaned (idk how to say dermaplaning in past tense) her face but she completely ruined her nose with it do you have any recommendations that could help her with that or make it not hurt as much! Please reply I love your videos sooo much!!! ❤❤❤

  • I've done face shaving for 20+ years….never had any issues. Some of us females have PCOS…that's just how it is.

  • "EVeRy siNglE weekkkkkk" always got me haha

  • Hyram reacting to Natalie’s outlet>>>>>>>>>>

  • where did u get that shirt?

  • Omg i got a Lil on my lip on accident once and it was like burning painfully I don't understand how she slathered it all over her lips

  • I could watch Accutane transformation videos all day. I love seeing the change in people’s emotions as much as watching their skin health as it improves, and their pain being alleviated. ❤

  • I guess the white faced lady was not using a clay mask, it seems to be an alginate mask, which I absolutely love, they are so great for reducing redness, brightening and calming down the skin. I use them once a week and they help me relieve my rosacea, and are perfect when skin feels hot, they are very soothing. You can apply any serum or lotion or anything under it and it will work better.

  • Do you use eye drops? How are your eyes so white??

  • My daughter was on half dose acutane. Her acne showed no change until the last week of treatment. It’s been about 10 years of clear skin for her. It is life changing. Last I heard acutane helps about 2/3 of the people who go on it. I wish it would help everyone.

  • Please sell ur Selfless Products in Asia too. I am from India.

  • men use razors almost everyday on their faces

  • i neeed part 2!! and a bATHROOM TOUR LMAOO

  • I think that's not a clay mask in the second one but I think that's a rubber mask which it helps to absorb all the products which is applied before it better

  • You talk tooooooo much or otherwise I like ur vid 😅😂

  • One time I was at a sleepover with toxic friends- there was a girl and everyone said “WE SHOULD PRANK HER!” Although I disagreed… they went through with it. The prank was they put a peel off mask (clear) on her face and say “OMG WHAT HAPPENED” so when me and her fell asleep they put the mask on her and woke me up saying “CMON LETS WAKE HER” i knew something was up as soon as I saw her. Her skin was REALLY red under the mask… after we woke her up she said “WHAT DID YOU DO?? I HAVE REALLY DRY SKIN!!” and all the other girls said “yeah so?” It’s a harmless prank. Yeah no… we spend the next hour getting it off her skin. Because she had such dry skin… there wasn’t enough oil to loosen the skin from the mask. She was crying so hard because it hurt. All the other girls were like “YOUR FAULT” and tried to blame me but the girl said “no you guys are the jackasses” We then used lotion to get it off. but… when we woke up her skin had CUTS and blood, IT WAS ALL RED from the girls tearing on it. I felt so bad for her. It took her skin like a week to heal. Those girls got grounded for a month. Ditch your toxic friends before it’s too late…

  • The intro is so nice when he says see my videos every week it just shows how much of a happy 😊 person he is

  • A moisturizer in itself is an emulsion.

  • In the thumbnail I thought it said 3am views

  • I absolutely love and respect how he actually promotes products he actually loves and not just sell the shit out of his own products 💕✨


  • Really liked how you described how fruit and veggies didn’t work as much as actual products

  • The peel off mask is algae mask used by estheticians for years. It works as an occlusion for skincare you put under it

  • The peel off mask is algae mask used by estheticians for years. It works as an occlusion for skincare you put under it

  • YouTube just recommended your video for me and now I just feel wow , why you're so sweet heart and teach a lot of important points I really feel thankful to you

  • I’ve been using a Clarins toning lotion (oily to combination skin) for my toner lately, and it makes my skin a bit red after I’ve used it. Is that normal?

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