Kristin Cavallari reveals her skincare secrets | Page Six Celebrity News

Kristin Cavallari reveals her skincare secrets | Page Six Celebrity News

Kristin Cavallari’s beauty mantra? “Hydration, hydration, hydration.”

“I really think hydration is the most important thing in skincare,” the “Laguna Beach” star and Uncommon James founder told Page Six Style.

“Obviously drinking water, but everything we’re putting on our face too. That’s the best thing for anti-aging.”

Cavallari, 34, credits her diligent daily skincare regimen with keeping her complexion radiant and smooth, sans Botox or fillers.

And featured prominently in both her morning and evening routines is her brand-new Uncommon Beauty line, comprised of five products made with clean ingredients.

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  • I'm rich. End of story. Thumbs down

  • Where’s the SPF girl???? Wipes are the devil!!!! YIKES!

  • But no Spf 🧴?! Oh no girl , use Spf daily !

  • I like Kristin, but if she’s going to promote a beauty line or if follows the skincare community, she would know that almost everyone in the beauty community doesn’t use makeup wipes anymore! She’s also super rough on her skin when using them. I was interested in the whole clean and minimalist approach to her skincare brand, then the makeup wipes completely threw me off.

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