SKINCARE RESET 2023 😍 How to HEAL YOUR SKIN 😍 Dermatologist @DrDrayzday

SKINCARE RESET 2023 😍 How to HEAL YOUR SKIN 😍 Dermatologist @DrDrayzday

SKINCARE RESET 2023 😍 How to HEAL YOUR SKIN 😍 Dermatologist @DrDrayzday on how to prime the skin barrier for new skincare products and skin treatments.
💜Skincare products mentioned
Dove Beauty bar
Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser
CeraVe cream
Cetaphil cream
La Roche Posay mineral sunscreen
Bondi Sands sunscreen
DRMTLGY Universal tinted moisturizer

0:00 Skincare reset 2023
0:17 What is skin priming?
1:28 What does skin priming entail?
5:06 Cleansers for priming the skin.
9:42 Moisturizers for priming the skin
12:58 Sunscreen for priming the skin.
15:41 Take home points on skin priming.

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Dr Dray


  • Hi dr dray can you please tell me your opinion about Marykay products? Thanks in advance

  • Doesn't CeraVe cream contains salicylic acid?
    The CeraVe daily lotion i got has salicylic acid in it so i couldn't pair it with my retinol.

  • I just want to say that this video was great, however I would like to point out that you put up a picture of Bondi Sands suncream and described chemical suncreams that use octinoxate and oxybenzone, two ingredients Bondi Sands doesn't use as it is damaging to the coral reefs.

  • Absolutely love the information in all your videos. I will say, the new editing is s bit distracting with the quick zoom in and out.

    Thank you again, for sharing your wisdom.

  • So I’m supposed to put sunscreen and moisturizer on top of the acne?

  • Dr Dray: True soap is quite…BASIC 😁

  • Hi Dr Dray! I’ve heard of people using the LRP Lipikar AP Wash in skin priming routines. I always want to try it given its marketing, but that fact that it uses sodium laureth sulfate is concerning. Any thoughts?

  • Everything but CeraVe. I wish I could do CeraVe on my face, but it's way too harsh for my sensitive skin. I can do it on my body though which is helpful since it's relatively cheap

  • Hi Dr Dray, I'm curious if you would consider doing a video on nicolau balus syndrome? I know its rare and there's limited content covering this condition. Thanks !!!

  • The cerave in the tub is so trash. Irritating, non moisturizing, just meh.

  • What’s your take on vitamin E cream moisturizer?

  • OK I have been watching your videos andcI absolutely love how informative you are. I like to keep things simple. I would greatly appreciate if you could just suggest the best products I should be using. I'm almost 60 in part 3 of menopause. Dry skin. Large pores, some redness, fine lines, I'm over whelmed. I travel in a semi with my husband. So I am limited to where I can shop so basically walmart and Walgreens are easy for me to get into. Also I'm on a budget. Please help.

  • I just found this & interested! I am 65 and have very dry skin on arms & legs, crapey, alligator skin with age spots & white spots on my arms. Legs are scaly & white. Is there any way to repair extreme dry, scaly skin?

  • Just when I’m about to start using Tretinoin. Thank you very much.

  • Hello, how long should I be sticking with a basic routine to repair my skin barrier before introducing a treatment like azelaic acid ? Thank you.

  • I learned the hard way that less is more !
    Morning – cleanser , moisturizer & sunscreen
    Nighttime – cleanser , retinol & moisturizer
    I do facials on special occasion
    All the ladies with 15 steps skincare routine will regret it in their 50s

  • Hi, what cleansing oil or balm is good to use when my skin barrier is compromised and really mad at me 🥺🤦🏼‍♀️🙈 my skin is so red and sensitive, anything I use it burns and stings

  • How long do you recommend healing the skin barrier for before adding other products? Thank you and love your videos!

  • Hello! Are all La roche posay anthelios range safe during pregnancy?


  • It sucks getting old , heading towards 50’ and I noticed I can’t get away with just water in my face 😂.
    I’ll start trentinoin in a month , time enough to prime the skin .

  • Dr Dray. LOVE YOU GIRL ❤️😊
    PLEASE any help for a psoriasis on Scalp. It's at back of my head and I sleep on my back 😕 I get super hot in bed so this is not fun and disturbs my sleep x💙

  • I actually love Hadalabo face wash foam but it’s not travel friendly. I decided to try cetaphil after watching this

  • Do you recommend elta md? 😊

  • As I'm getting older "65". Im finding it harder to moisturize my skin. Nothing seems to work, especially around the neck area. Any advice. Have very dry skin, some psoriasis around the nose n upper forehead by hairline. TY

  • I had a thought about a topic I haven’t heard you address. I’m diligent about my whole skin care routine but I have been having breakouts beneath my eye sockets. I’m 76 so this was unexpected. I wear glasses and I just realized that I haven’t been cleaning my frames as carefully as my skin. Duh. I’m just recontaminating my face! Now I take my glasses into the shower to give them a scrub.

  • Thanks Dr Dray. In 2021-2022, I went overboard with the amount of skincare products I was using and compromised my skin barrier and relapsed with cystic acne. Simplifying my routine to a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen from a brand I like, La Roche Posay, AND getting dermatologist treatment for my acne have helped me heal my skin. It’s been a journey but I’ve learnt my lesson that sometimes less is more ❤️ it’s a good feeling being once again comfortable in my own skin, literally

  • Plx show us ur skin care am and pm routine with using ur products

  • Dr dray can you review ponds moisturaizer

  • I love that Cerave cream in the tub.

  • Can you prime your skin while also concurrently being on treatments like tretinoin? Or must you do it sequentially?

  • Thank you for being so honest, educational and simple. This video has helped me alot with my skincare routine by just keeping it simple. In today’s society everyone seems to follow social media trends and the more products you put on your face the better and the pressure to look a certain way. I prefer a chemical sunscreen and i been using the banana boat sport on both body and face and i love the way it looks and feels and works great with my makeup. I know theres alot of people saying you need a face sunscreen and a body sunscreen but i use the same sunscreen on both my face and body and i love it. The only thing i need help with is do i apply my chemical sunscreen before or after my moisturizer?

  • I love my Dove Beauty Bar. Nothing cleans my face as well, including eye makeup. Plus keeps it makes my skin feel soft and comfortable. I enjoy Cerave and Cetaphil bars as well, but you can't beat the price of Dove!

  • Hi doc thankyou for sharing your tips its very helpful , i hope you can help my partner she had a pimples and its ok now but its just left a red scars , shes using now celeteque facial & celeteque toner and cetaphil sunscreen & cream for night , what skin care can get rid of red scars or need to apply serum ?

  • The first mineral SPF you showed (La Roche) has a tinted fragrance free version & I love it

  • My barrier has been completely destroyed from the dial antibacterial bar soap an infectious disease doctor told me to use after getting a MRSA infection from playing hockey.
    All bar soaps, including Cerave gentle cleanser bar soap, pure organic goat milk, olive oil, whatever it may be they dry my skin and cause severe atopic reactions. I always had perfect skin, tanned real nicely and could put moisturizer on. Now Im allergic to everything- pure shea butter causes severe hives. I only shower with water now but even that causes redness. I can't believe that I am going through this and- all these Cerave, Cetaphil, vanicream products contain chemicals that are known allergens such as lanolin, benzoate, and propylene glycol. Trying to get my skin barrier back without throwing chemicals on it has been next to impossible now.

  • Any non going clea ser you recommend for oily skin? My sis is very messed up and irritated from years of using bad products and foaming cleansers at this point are way too much. What moisturizer would you recommend for this aswell. Thank you!

  • Home made avocado 🥑 oil really helped my skin

  • Wonderful video as always ! 🌼

  • I would be interested to see some analysis of mineral sunscreen pH levels and their impact on the skin barrier. I have tried to only use mineral sunscreens for a long time, but I find that they tend to have high pH (I don’t even have sensitive skin and I felt a burning sensation from Babo, which I then litmus tested around pH9); I have seen it mentioned in a few places that mineral sunscreens tend to be formulated with high pH because it improves their SPF testing results, but I am concerned about the impact a high pH topical has on skin barrier and raising the skin’s pH. Even brands I like that pH balance their products and are transparent about pH values, like Humanrace, have mineral sunscreens with pH I would view as high as enough to hypothetically bring the skin’s surface pH out of the acidic range. I’m wondering if this is a valid concern, or if maybe moisturizers underneath the sunscreen form a protective enough layer to allow skin to maintain an ideal pH. Can you provide some more context around this? I haven’t found any good information around it.

  • Can you do the same for hair care?

  • Dr. Dray will using benzoil peroxide as a body wash cause bacteria resistance?

  • I love your videos ☺️☺️you just got a new subscriber, much love🥰🥰🥰

  • which cleanser is best for combination skin for a reset

  • I would also like to see what your morning and night routine currently looks like. With describing each product – why you chose it, what it does.
    It would be fun!

  • Going back to the basics. As my grandma and mother. I am 66 and my skin is perfect with 3 simple steps as you say here.

  • I have been using organic bay soap for years

  • You have to make short videos as well

  • The more I've gotten into skincare, the less I'm spending, and the more boring it's gotten. I used to want all they super hyped ingredients. Now I just want as few as possible. My favorite ingredient now is petrolatum. And Vanicream has become my go-to brand. Definitely can't say enough about their cleanser.

  • What can I use to get rid of makeup without the stripping ingredients. I have melasma, so I use make up every day, but I feel the make up remover wipes are making it worse.

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