Best & Worst Skincare at SEPHORA | VIB Sale Spring 2023

Best & Worst Skincare at SEPHORA | VIB Sale Spring 2023

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4/14 Rouge 20% off
4/18 Insider/VIB 10 & 15% off
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NOTE: this video excludes brands that are excluded from the sale (like the Ordinary) and deprioritizes brands also found at Ulta — because the deals are better there…

00:00 – Intro

03:05 – Sulwhasoo Overnight Mask
sigh, the only luxury *brand* I would recommend –

05:46 – SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

08:20 – DDG Spectralite
ALWAYS look for the bundle –

10:31 – Innbeauty Eye Cream

11:40 – Tatcha Silk Sunscreen SPF50/PA++++

14:14 – Peace Out Repairing Moisturizer

15:48 – Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser

17:29 – Acne Care
except for hydrocolloids & this serum –
Cerave Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser –
LRP Adapalene –
& please see a derm if you’re dealing with more than mild acne!

18:53 – Tower28 SOS Serum
Favorites kit is coming soon!

20:58 – Macrene Actives Lip Filler

24:13 – Overhyped Skincare
Less commentary on AB personally, more on remembering that not all products work out for everyone — no matter how hyped they may be!

26:11 – Outro

Brewstew Eye Doctor in 2023 (language warning but HILARIOUS) –

Makeup worn: Tower 28 make waves mascara, Danessa Myricks cream blush, Blinc micro eyeliner, Bobbi Brown shadow sticks, Tarte brow pencil, Rare Beauty lip oil (includes PR)

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Skin Cycling Routine (2023) –

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  • You don’t need to worry about the glasses and whether viewers are ok or not with it. Why does it matter? It’s you and your glasses. People should stop worrying about people pleasing all the time. I know it is your audience which you care about but please don’t think that you need anyone’s approval to wear them in your videos

  • I have that overnight mask. It’s not bad it’s just not my favorite. But I’m willing to give it more of a try.

  • Thank you so much for your Honesty, Alice! Yes, Amazon has several Hypochlorus Acid spray products between $14 and $16. I have used a couple of them during bad breakouts, and they work Great!!

  • Love seeing your glasses! I am constantly having to clean my glasses bc my skincare makes them smudge 😊

  • Hey Alice!! I have a question about the Bader cream… I went back and watched your video about it and notice you tried the rich cream. Have you tried the regular cream? I don’t think that one was reformulated. Since you had such great results with the rich cream before the reformulation, maybe that proprietary ingredient was really working and you’ll get benefit from it in a different formulation that might not irritate your skin??

  • You can get hypochlorous so cheap as long as it's not tower28 brand lol

  • i love the tatcha sunscreen but omg i always end up with little lavender flecks on my face that i have to pick out. i hope, if i buy it again, the packaging was truly fixed.

  • You look amazing Alice and your video reviews are equally great – thank you! Curious to know to what extent the SKII Essence lightened your pigmentation and how long did it take for you to see noticeable results?

  • Happy Birthday! As you accrue more and more candles, I would suggest not making every one of them the trick ones that keep relighting.

  • I was wondering what do you think of the Faded Topicals serum? It seems to have many good review on sephora but some people say it doesn’t work. I wonder how it compares to KBeauty stuff for dark spots

  • Alice, you look beautiful in glasses😊❤

  • The glasses are so cute! A little glare never hurt anyone lol

  • I use the Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid on my lips topped with Aquaphor. It's a game changer. My lips are so hydrated I've stopped picking them because there's no dead skin to peel off.

  • I immediately thought how cute your glasses looked. 🤷‍♀️

  • love your glasses where r they from? 😍

  • I've been debating picking up the lightstim for acne since I don't necessarily need red light when I'm only 24 but I do like the idea of the Dr. Dennis Gross mask and debate it every sale lol.

  • I think I still have trauma from the air puff machine at the eye doctor 😭

  • Oh man Hyram got me to buy that Youth to the People cleanser thinking it would be the best in the world and it was a regret from day 1. What was the hype about??? It’s literally just a cleanser and it’s not even that great due to being drying even for my combo skin. I just don’t understand what the hype was about for $36 and now I don’t trust hyram haha. (He also got me to buy the Byoma moisturizing gel cream recommended for combo skin, come to find out it contains Oleic acid- literally the substance scientists use to induce acne on rabbit ears 🙁 🙁 it’s a body lotion for me now)

  • I recently got a trial kit from Stylevanna of Sulwhasoo and I love all the products in it. It smells so good and is so moisturizing. Oh my bank account…

  • Love your glasses!

    Yeah I'm kinda with you on the Sephora sale. I will probably place an order but only to sample some new Kate McLeod body stones blends and maybe trial the new Tatcha body care line. Going through a body care phase!

  • Honestly the glare doesn't bother me. I was distracted by the glasses initially because they are pretty and suit your face extremely well.

  • Alice-have you tried the face theory vitamin c cream cleanser? So far my skin loves it!

  • Your skin looks incredible and I love the glasses!

    I have to say I am another person who unfortunately likes SK2 Lol. I have a huge amount of post acne hyperpigmentation and melasma and I’ve used HYDROQUINONE! It helped but… dare I say… I think sk2 might have helped more 🤯
    I don’t necessarily think as much with the melasma but in terms of the acne marks and overall brightening. I was so impressed… darn it 😂

  • As an adult I know there will be other sales. But my inner child needed to hear everything is gonna be o.k. lol. Really good and informative review. And I too love the earthy fragrance of ginseng. I've found some sheet masks I'm doing due diligence on. Your look is soft and pretty and your glasses compliment your face. Happy belated birthday. Oh, and thanks for the tip on U.O. I'll have to check out the website for their skincare.

  • You look beautiful in glasses gorgeous 💗💗💗💗Love that you always care so much about your viewers.

  • I like the glasses. You look like a sexy librarian.

  • I wonder if you had a chance to use “Skincare by Dr. V” products. I love those.
    If you use those, would you please let us know if those are worth the price difference than the products like faded cream. They have similar skin goals.

  • OK, not proud of this, but here we all are: I am beyond curious about the Murad Retinal Resculpt. Those before and after photos are s.u.c.k.i.n.g. me in. I would love to get your opinion on it, Alice. And maybe save me the cash if the product isn't worth it. I honestly do love the Murad Hydro Dynamic moisturizer, and have used it on and off for years, so I am not here to bash the brand. Thanks so much for all you do! <3

  • Happy birthday!🎉

  • I wouldn't even have noticed the glasses glare if you hadn't mentioned it. Don't even worry about it!

  • I need to repurchase DE Lala, but I’ll sample the Peace Out and the Sulwhasoo this week to see if I’d consider switching. Thank you!

  • Your skin looks beautiful
    Keep the glasses ❤

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