Satisfying Skincare Routine 😍✨ | TikTok Compilation (The BEST Skincare Products)

Satisfying Skincare Routine 😍✨ | TikTok Compilation (The BEST Skincare Products)

Satisfying Skincare Routine 😍✨ | TikTok Compilation (The BEST Skincare Products)

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  • Their skincare routine: Cleanser, Moisturiser, Lip Mask, Face Mask, ETC.
    My skincare routine: Moisturiser, Lip Balm.

  • Some of these are so over the top…… I LOVE it

  • My skincare :
    -Cleanser (that removes my makeup at the same time)
    -Pimple drying cream

    Their skincare :
    -Makeup removal
    -Dilating pores with steam
    -Shaving the whole frickin face
    -Serum n°1
    -Serum n°2
    -Serum n°3
    -Eye cream n°1
    -Eye cream n°2
    -Sheet face mask
    -Cream face mask
    -Under-eye masks
    -Lip mask
    -Moisturizer n°1
    -Moisturizer n°2
    -Spraying their face with some miracle water

  • what are the hair vibrating combs for?

  • 2:29 does she not sound like jojo siwa?

  • Love all the Products

  • 2:44 sound like jojo siwa…

  • The squirrel is a vibe tbh

  • 3:46 her skin is so glowy I nearly went blind

  • My skincare routine:
    Sunscreen (In the morning)
    Eye mask (Once a week)

  • lil_xxtra on time 4:31 min she is going to brake out because that does not take off ALL your makeup it takes off SOME but you still need to use miceller water or a bomb to take it off

  • instead of chemicals you should try organic/natural products.

  • When u do this but still have acne : 👩‍🎤🥲

  • 3:28 her voice😂

  • Y'all just use water and papaya soap

  • when the girl said “Cera vu” 😶

  • The best skincare routines usually go something like this
    Something to cleanse
    Something to moisturize
    Something to protect from sun
    Something to cleanse
    Something to target a skin concern
    Something to moisturize
    Pick products that you can afford and work for your skin

  • No toner?

  • Gonna try this skincare routine at 0:00 ! 🤭

  • I don't know if my ears are lying but 2:31 sounds like jojo siwa lol

  • 2:47 is giving me jojo siwa vibes

  • I do masks on sunday and friday

  • 2: 30 is just cringe

  • Ever since i started watching these it made me do skincare and my face is so smooth now!

  • these girls are very young, it's easier to have better skin, I'm 33 and my skin is different now, even if I wear serums and creams. (plus I work outdoors) PS: you shouldn't smoke, it tires the skin and tarnishes it more and more every year I made a big mistake while smoking 😭😭😭😭

  • 6:41 this will come off as patronizing, but she genuinely looks better without makeup up (tbh she looks the same, just with that charm natural, human skin can have, ig), so what’s the point? I guess maybe it’s for security. Still, I was taken aback by how much more her face became more attractive without makeup, speaking more objectively.

  • 4:36 cerado?

  • Bro- I don’t have money like that…dang

  • Dont put too much skincare products on your skin,It can make you breakout a lot

  • I like all of them except the ones that did skincare with a extremely intense blue filter I always find myself squinting to see when the filter is on 😂 like it’s okay do filters for like photos but videos of skincare 😅we want to see the actual skin .

  • I have a good skin care routine, but I love eating candy :/

  • That one girl saying “ceravu”😭😭

  • logon ne dukan khol ke rakhi h 🤣🤣

  • “With the cErA Vuu”

  • All you guys need to stop making comments about there routines and saying there to long if it works for them then leave them alone!

    Btw no hate❤

  • All I do is:
    Am: brush teeth, brush hair, cleanse,moisturizer
    Pm: brush teeth, shower, cleanse, spot treatment, moisturizer, chapstick

  • They are all so beautiful! but also just me or does that look like 5-10 to many products on some- Anyway they are so pretty!

  • RIP for the broke ppl that are watching this

  • Can’t stand the sounds on these videos makes me want smack the girl in the first clip 😂