❌ DONT DO THIS – Worst Skincare Trend 2023 #shorts

❌ DONT DO THIS – Worst Skincare Trend 2023 #shorts

Is this the worst skincare trend 2023 going viral on tiktok, i think it might be and this is why i want to share with you why you shouldnt be mixing your skincare.

Hey guys and welcome to todays shorts video where we talk about the online craze of mixing all your skincare on the lid of the Drunk Elephant Protoni moisturizer and why this might be the biggest skincare mistake of this year.

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Mad About Skin


  • Hey guys and welcome to todays shorts video… so what do you think to this new skincare trend? Great time saver or hot mess, let me know below.. love xx

  • Drunk elephant is made to be mixed together.

  • Better to layer 1 by 1

  • I once saw a video of someone doing this and they also sprayed PARFUM into it like 💀

  • drunk Elephant has made there product so you can actually mix then and they don’t separate and it’s actually way better for your skin because you’re not layering 20 products on it

  • 33:55 100% if these pimple patches existed when I was in high school, I would have had much better skin days and a whole lot more self confidence

  • Those are all compatible products, they come from the same company and making the smoothie is actually an instruction! Hope this clears some things up!

  • I do this in the palm of my hand. Perfect way to make actives more compatible with my sensitive skin. Mixing Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid moisturiser and Retinol Serum + Retinol nightcream really works.

  • The whole point of the brand is that all of the products are compatible with each ithet

  • People are promoting this?? Omg this product is not cheap that’s just crazy to me

  • Drunk Elephant suggests doing this with their products on their website

  • I think it only works if it’s all drunk elephant products that you’re mixing

  • Disturbing is a bit of a strong word lmao it’s just skin care

  • Youre getting younger

  • Can anyone give me some tips on what goes after you wash your face?

  • Hey, you do have a good point but Drunk Elephants youtube channel has confirmed before that it is perfectly safe to mix the products together and that sometimes it can make the skincare more effective!! No hate to your channel, just wanted to clear that up😊

  • this is not a trend it’s just a brand, this brand, drunk elephant made all its products to do this, think of it as mixing the eggs with flour

  • Couldn't agree more!

  • This is drunk elephant skincare- all of their products are formulated to work together. They advocate for their products to be used this way. When you are using products from different brands- yes, apply them separately. But Drunk Elephant is formulated and marketed this way.

  • It looks nasty 🤢

  • Oh no no no no. Just no.

  • Drunk elephant does it because all their skincare is combinable. And putting mixed smallest amount of THEIR products is better than layering a bunch of stuff because the skin takes a while to absorb skincare.

  • They are also transferring products into airless pumps 😒

  • No my dermatologist says u can only mix hyaluronic acid niacinamide serum with these type of jar moisturizers

  • Thank you!

  • Ewwww

  • Looks yucky as well 🤮

  • omg I GASPED out loud and clutched my pearls when I first saw someone do this. "Oh no, hunny, what is you doing?!" 😱😭

  • Bleh. Hate it.

  • That's disturbing as you said 😮

  • DE themself is promoting this!

  • I feel the vit c mix with the moisturiser was good for my skin as when I directly apply the vit c my skin is getting irritated.

  • Oof. DE packaging has always encouraged customers to mix actives into “smoothies”. pH and formulation concerns be d@mned, the brand claims any and all of their products can be mixed together into single-step application. 👀🫣

  • I don't get this trend, it's such a mess and does not make sense

  • Drunk Elephant encourages this with their products.

  • Oh I have seen this on tiktok … It looks revolting so that's the reason I'm not doing it! X

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