Worst Skincare Mistakes My Patients Make

Worst Skincare Mistakes My Patients Make

I see patients making the same mistakes with their skin care over and over. Today I decided to pull together a list of the most common skincare mistakes I see from them, covering a wide range of dermatological issues. We discuss things like popping pimples, charcoal masks, skincare trends, hydration, moisturizer, shaving, alcohol based products, sweat, pore health, sunscreen and SPF, exfoliating scrubs, and so much more. Have you made any of these skin care mistakes, or maybe you’ve found a treatment plan that works right for you? Let me know in the comments!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Doctor Mike


  • I usually take a 20 minute hot shower, is that to long?

  • not at how i was at the hospital for something unrelated, told then about my moles coming and going and growing black skin and they just ignored it- been happening for months, maybe even over a year now

  • question: is it okay to take hot showers weekly instead of daily? Also, love your videos!

  • i have excoriation disorder meaning i pick off my skin. its a big big problem as i pick my skin every day to the point of pain all over my face. i also pick at my chest and shoulders. i tried a lot of things to help make scars fade and i tried skin oils and about the best i got was palmers skin therapy. the issue is i still get acne and bumps and scabs and i keep picking so nothing i do actually helps my skin any. i have had this problem since i was about 11 and im 22 now. so to me "skincare" is a fairy tale.

  • I usually put mosturizer on cause I burn very easy in the sun almost like a vampire so when I'm out I have to put something on or I will burn

  • Sunscreen everyday wtf.. No I don’t agree with that.

  • Number nine is like the most important thing pretty much on this list. I used to work at a daycare and I would get yelled at for putting sunblock on The black children. I would get told that Black people don't need sunblock because they don't sunburn blah blah blah blah blah. I looked at the mother and told her "it's not to prevent just sunburn, it also helps lessen the chance of getting skin cancer down the road". And then I also told her "and yes people of color definitely sunburn, you just don't see it as easy as you would on a Caucasian person. Because it turns red on white people wear on black or other ethnicities with skin colors, it turns a darker shade of that color of skin." And I also told them that if they want their child to be able to play outside they're gonna need sunblock. No sunblock. Equals no outside time and no pool time. Needless to say that family hated me lol but my boss ended up telling them the same exact thing. And they got mad at her but they couldn't hate her because she was the head of the daycare lol. But I always tell people it's not just to prevent sunburns. It helps block the sun's rays that can cause skin cancer down the road. And not only do you need to apply it when the sun is out, one of the worst times for sunburn is during a cloudy day because people don't think about putting the sunblock on because it's not "hot outside". The sun's rays go right through the clouds. So yes you have to apply the sunblock on a cloudy day as well. And you have to put it on your face and neck and hands during the winter. I used to be just like many many other people and think that you only need sunblock when it's sunny and warm out. But when I started working at the daycare, I would have to take training courses and I would have to pass these courses in order to continue with daycare or working at the daycare. And one of the main classes was all about sunblock and the dangers of the sun.

  • Nooooo😭 hot showers are bad and I have eczema😭😭

  • My showers are long and hot af :'u

  • Dermatologists: alright, just follow these steps and you’ll have perfect skin!

    1: Don’t be in the sun
    2: Report everyone who says the work sun or talks about it
    3: Never say sun
    4: Do not be near anyone who has been in the sun
    5: Bathe in moisturizer and sunblock

  • "You really need sunscreen every day "
    Me who lives in Finland: ….👀….

  • Dr Mike: don’t pick your skin! (4:49)
    Me: please….

    blame my anxiety thank you

  • I like how i participate in a few of these but due to depression it all doesnt matter and doesnt actually damage my skin in any notable way- i take very, very long hot showers when i do shower but i struggle fo shower as often as I should so that's okay, and I also hardly use sunscreen but I spend maybe a total of 10 minutes outside on average lately lol. I know that is an issue in of itaelf but hey think of all the sunscreen im saving pfft

  • Long hot showers

    But they feel so good and they’re soothing

  • Dr. mike: "but the reality is, they should just find the right product for th-"
    him interrupting himself: "I CHALLENGED HYRAM TO SEE IF HE KNEW SKIN!"

  • I have an exfoliating body wash. What would be your opinion or advice on using this item?

  • For #6 would using an in-shower lotion/moisture be beneficial?

  • 3:55 I don’t have my phone like that, tho.. I actually hold it in front of my face rather than below it 🙂

  • so many people say you should be wearing sunscreen even if it’s rainy, cloudy, etc, what what if you live in a place that has no uv most of the time?

  • Have you ever seen Oli London? I want to see your reaction💀

  • Being healthy is so much work. I’ve watched a bunch of your videos and surprisingly I’m a lot healthier than I thought but for the stuff I still suck at I’ll check back in on it if and when it actually becomes a problem

  • Ha ha! And people have always said I was weird for having cooler showers. I am guilty of not moisturising my oily skin, even super light oily skin-specific moisturisers made me greasy and shiny, in summer my skin gets visibly oily by lunchtime add in the hyperhidrosis and it's a nightmare to deal with. I've only recently found a moisturiser that works for my skin. It absorbs so quickly and is so light I bearly sweat. Oddly enough I have eczema on my hands and keratosis pilaris on my arms. Skin is a crazy weird organ.

  • 0:41 am i right to say that that is the reason why rubbing alcohol on a wound is painful?

  • James Welsh featured in this video debunks so many myths and examples of things NOT to use on your skin.

  • "I look goodddddddd with this kitty litter on my faceeeeee"
    -GREAT inaccurate skin hack

  • I like cold showers😂

  • One fun fact:
    if your washing a wound always put a little bit of salt in the water becuse that can trick the body into thinking its blood and you wont feel any pain. thank me later

  • The right product for me is just cold water; nothing more.

  • Not me popping pimples and picking off scabs from former pimples while watching this.

  • The sun does not burn me.

  • Jokes on you I don’t shave and I’m a woman so don’t gotta worry about the face

  • Imagine not needing eternal help to survive light of the star all life we know of that exists is orbiting, and always has. Needing to use sunscreen every day sounds a bit biased, ngl.

  • Zinc Oxide cream is great for burns. I scalded the inside of one of my fingers when I was straining pasta. I avoided infection by keeping it clean but the wound wasn't healing. I started using zinc oxide cream and it began to heal practically overnight. It also has other uses. Inexpensive too.

  • James Welsh is incredible and does not spread misinformation. Definitely disappointed he was added as an example of bad skincare info.

  • Are room temperature showers good?
    Because I take room temperature/low warm showers a lot

  • “Looking at our phones with our necks bent isn’t doing us any favors either”

    Me: immediately straightening my posture

  • Jokes on you, I don't go outside.

  • Shouldn't the skin moisturize itself? Like no cave-man used a moisturizer

  • I have motivation for the people who like to take warm showers the colder the shower is the warmer you're going to be afterwards

  • Confession i am a pimple popper😭


  • I was putting lotion on while waching Theis vidio and when he said put lotion on your neck to even though I already do theat I just slowly started putting lotion on my neck lol

  • Me with OCD after hearing Mike say “our fingers harbor all kinds of bacteria” – remember a triggering picture of bacteria on hands, immediately stop watching the video and go to scrub hands raw in hot water, then use two Clorox wipes on my phone, then wash my hands again.


  • 2:19
    Me who takes short cold showers.
    . .


  • i have a nervous/anxious habit of doing it. its so bad that i will come away from the mirror and i have completely over done it. it will take around 20-30 minutes for my face to not look and feel horrible. i have had people tell me to stop and tried keeping my hands busy. any other adive?

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