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  • If i can't afford to not be a criminal then they are the criminal BOOM goes the dynamite. 50% of all tax goes to the jewish pedophile state of California

  • Hmm sounds Kosher kinda like Kanye said lol

  • stfu, You dont go to jail for weed like in europe xD

  • 11:20 this entire video has nothing to do with the poor and everything to do with BS social justice warrior nonsense. They don't even talk about how poor White people have been treated even with alcohol. No it's always poor black and brown folk, whaaa!

  • Blacks are charged much higher rates for marijuana offenses because they aren't so well hidden. They do things so open to the public, or they commit a crime which gets them caught with extra charges. I literally watched a guy get pulled over for a simple traffic violation, he floored it even though he was only getting a ticket for speeding, and when they finally caught him his entire trunk was full of weed. I mean seriously stop making this all about race.

  • Also just an FYI the Nuleaf group is racist asf

  • 6:09 made me laugh so hard, we have shatter in our MEDICAL program with packaging that says "DRUGS INSIDE" in graffiti lettering lmao

  • Because people like me prefer to buy weed from a dude in a hoodie on the corner slanging drugs rather than to trust a MF in a suit who has never smoked weed a day in their life 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • that foundation is racist. help black in brown people to create generational wealth??? you don't think they can do it on their own? racist against Asians and whites also

  • a milicia brasileira vai ao chao vendo esses videos. esperando a legalização no brasil

  • Look just make weed legal all over. The only reason I can see keeping it illegal is to be able to put more people in jail. Therefore decreasing the amount of young people who can vote, keeping the old rich people in office because they know if they are voted out any laws they made that the people hate that put money in their pockets will be cut.

  • “THC, or, the stuff that gets you high…”
    Can’t you use a more intelligent explanation for THC?
    Why not…”the stuff that relaxes you…”
    “The stuff that treats seizures…”
    “The stuff that helps with insomnia…”
    “The stuff that mitigates pain.”
    “The stuff that may prevent lung disease.”
    “The stuff that musicians like to use in order to explore their creativity.”
    “The stuff that almost completely stops tremors associated with Parkinson’s…”
    “The stuff that treats ADD.”
    No no, in not done…this stuff is really good…
    “The stuff that makes life more interesting…”
    “The stuff that can help you and your wife with your love life.”
    “The stuff that treats glaucoma..”
    “The stuff that helps with nausea during chemotherapy…”
    “The stuff that stimulates appetite.”
    “The stuff that reduces stress.”
    “The stuff that Dr. William Osler said was probably the best thing we have for treating the paroxysms of migraines.”
    “The stuff that treats asthma…”
    “The stuff that treats anxiety.”
    “The stuff that can help with depression.”
    “The stuff that treats chronic fatigue syndrome.”
    “The stuff that treats IBS.”
    “THC, the stuff that wicked liars want to keep illegal because they sell patented stuff that treats all these diseases as well and also because they are selfish fools who see that THC comes from a plant that anyone with dirt can produce and anyone who understands how to grow this plant will NEVER need to buy the stuff that they selfishly patent and sell for money alone and not for the well being of humans.”

    Anyone who does the research knows cannabis wasn’t banned because it is dangerous, it was banned by selfish liars who want to get rich, period.

    I feel that if we only say that THC “gets you high,” we hinder the progress of humanity because certain ignorant people in society do not adamantly support the removal of our hypocritical cannabis bans because they worry that legal cannabis will lead to a society with more foolish and unproductive people who are…
    ”high,” as opposed to people who are being relieved from the many maladies that we know cannabis relieves.
    I love you, Business Insider. Please keep up the good work.
    Just needed to vent after I heard that opening statement. Thanks.

  • THC The High Causer

  • Well.

    1. It's a niche product that few will buy
    2. The few that buy are usually unemployed, lazy lol

  • 80 thousand every month or every year???

  • I like it how they only allow black and brown but not all the people is that the far left “diversity” or new era racist

  • The government wants to control marijuana industry.

  • I’ve seen countless people lives ruined because of marajuana.

  • This is so ridiculous.

  • 5 plants that not enough for gameing😭😭😭😭😭 your telling me i can only play like 3 time à year😭😭😭

  • If marijuana was legal for recreational use , we wouldn’t have a opioid crisis

  • Why he look frustrated like he doesn’t want blacks or browns in the industry. This shit crazy.

  • I will open a striptease never mind

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