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  • The spokespersons for Marijuana need to CLEAN UP THEIR ACT… MOST are shifty losers… Don't think we don't see you walking into a dispensary in your PAJAMAS at 4pm…

  • Thank you to everyone who supports medical marijuana it really could help millions of people

  • I am so sorry that his daughters passed away. I am glad that medicinal cannabis helped them and improved the quality of their lives. 💕

  • It is medicine it helps so many

  • 👆👆look up that handle, he ships swiftly, and he got shrooms, Dmt, lsd, mmda, psilocybin, chocolate bars, he's got a lot.. 🍄 💊🍄🍫🔌💯

  • 👆👆look up that handle, he ships swiftly, and he got shrooms, Dmt, lsd, mmda, psilocybin, chocolate bars, he's got a lot.. 🍄 💊🍄🍫🔌💯……………

  • Latest research shows more ills than thought. It everyone will respond to cannabis the same. Some get paranoid while others feel relaxed. I get dementia. Every other second seems lost

  • No money in cures big pharma got a lot to answer for it’s all about $$$ human life means nothing to these people cannabis saves life just like magic mushrooms for depression anxiety psd.

  • I agree with everything you've said except for you demonize LSD and methamphetamine those things too have been used medically for 5,000 years

  • Well I haven’t cried in a long time.

  • Ecclesiasticus 38:4 1611 KJV: The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhorre them.

  • So it's mainly for rich people ?

  • Just shows How little he knows when he says that LSD has no medicinal value 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s just been used since before 1950s as medicine against PTSD and much more. It’s so sad to see someone promote natural medicine and then also is still lacking knowledge about other medicinal drugs from nature. Ignorance. The governments made sure that you all know nothing at all about natural medicine! Research

  • Leave the country it's worthless

  • His name even have Hemp on it lol

  • and then one wrong… when he said LSD has no medical value… Its proven wrong many times, against addiction, PTSD, depression and so on hehe.

  • There’s not enough clinical science because it won’t be allowed since it’s obvious that it would cut into the big profits of big pharma

  • His last name is Hemp?!?))

  • These young ladies (their souls) are volunteers. They knew it would be a hard life but came to Earth anyway to teach Humans the medicinal benefits of this Cannabis plant on our bodies. We are of the Universe, bodies occupying Spirit. (Mankind think it knows better than the Universe and have tried with great effort, laws and negativity to kill the plant. It is so wrong.)

  • Yes it's really work in my mother bp high problem.

  • What an amazing speech, well delivered. Let the speech reach the other that Cannabis is not a bad plant.

  • Good lord that part at the end where they sing. That hit way harder than I thought this video would.

  • He’s wrong about LSD not having any medicinal value.

  • The way of thinking, about having to choose between the well-being of your children and family’s life and going to jail—that’s the same conundrum behind abortions now.

  • His Mom not understanding the benefits of CBD shows how deeply programmed humans can be. I'm blessed to live in CO and have an MMJ license that enables me to get the sleep I cant get otherwise. I cannot use CBD in any way though bc it acts as a stimulant for me but its medicinal benefits for others is inarguable. God has blessed this Earth with marijuana.

  • I know a lot of high functioning people who use cannabis daily like myself. But the government is only seeing the abusers and the people who ruin a good thing for the rest of us. You dont have to smoke and drive…you dont have to get so high that you forget your own name or where you are. You dont have to smoke so much that you live in your bed and eat cookies all day. It's fine every now and again, but know your limits and dont be a no lifer.

  • I have heard and read the “ not enough research” cop out ad nauseum. LIARS. Think about what they have been doing with all the money that has poured in for “research”.BS

  • And 7 years later…
    There is medical trials showing that micro dosing of LSD can help on cognitive problems, like chronic depression.
    "Follow science, not politics" I would say. Politics are chosen to protect their citizens, and for that, they must follow the experts in science.

  • Cannabis has always been the answer. The plant and it's medicinal properties are intentionally suppressed. Propaganda meant to demonize those who use it.

  • yall made me cry at work

  • I took it for sinus headaches, MDH program…then as you say in your video it also helps w/anxiety…I take a haft tablet two times a day and more if needed…too many good things to list.

  • it's my first time crying while watching ted talk

  • 1 finger to point the blame to and that is BIG PHAMA! Their profits mean more to them than your life!

  • psychedelics are actually neurogenetive. that could also help slowing down the mental degrading that happens over time. you can try micro dosing it.

  • Native Americans used Marijuana for healing…America criminalized it to build their profit in pharmaceuticals! America also dismantled the Apothecaries….America shame on you!!!!

  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) This oil will stop then seizure!!!!! ‘Run From the Cure’ documentary on YouTube

  • God bless you brother

  • 🔝👆Look up that handle
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  • Beautiful little girls. You and your wife are angels.

  • thank you for sharing! adorable girls

  • I really like CBD from Weed Born.

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  • Cannabis saved my life and gave me a life…I have crohn's disease…not before the government tried to ruin it though

  • Wow that ending got my cryinggg. What a blessing this man was able to find medicine for his kids 🙂

  • It's amazing

  • RIP Cassi and Addi

  • Make it legal cops gonna have to go find real criminals no more kids with a bag of weed I their pocket

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