Why Getting a Medical Cannabis Card is Totally Worth it in 2021

Why Getting a Medical Cannabis Card is Totally Worth it in 2021

Getting your medical cannabis card in 2021 is going to be worth your while even if recreational use is legal in your state. Having …




  • Do we give up our 2A rights away when we get the card? I have a couple guns I inherited and our dear to me

  • I got my card on 4/12/2022 cause i got in a car crash fk myself up good metal in my L1-L5 metal holdin my hips togather metal in my right leg had 20% of my bowl removed and three ribs broke and 3months later im moveing medical card save alot of money to help manage your pain/etc for what your usein it for

  • Are you saying this to recreational users without a medical condition to try to get a medical card? Where I live it's only legal medicinally. But I've gone to Michigan to get recreational. Someone in line asked why I don't get a card. I replied that I'm not sure if I have a condition. Occasionally I do get migraines and have wrist arthritis. One thing I think Cannabis can help me with is asthma. I've also found out that it helps me enjoy long distance running more not worrying about time but living in the moment. I welcome any feedback. Although now, I feel I would be turned down for a medical card.

  • Who going to come banging down your door, just because you have and smoke weed.
    It's illegal to the federal level , each state in this country chooses how they regulate weed . It's seem too me it's medical loop hole scam.

  • Anyone got a suggestion for a service to get a Medical Marijuana card for Spondylolisthesis and fibromyalgia? I live in Upstate New York any help would be appreciated,ty🤗

  • why is she so loud

  • Why don’t you also talk about the negatives?

  • my appointment is in 2 hours, a little nervous!

  • I live in a rec state but my family lives in a medical only one that accepts my card. Definitely worth it if you travel.

  • She looks like the babysitter from incredibles

  • I never got my doctors npi number or license number

  • Decriminalize the plant now!!! your governments have been lying to the people. With patriotic exercises for denationalization. Brain washing with extortion.

  • Turn 18 in 9 months. Counting down the days now.

  • I’m wondering what the approximate cost of this service is

  • I have Severe anxiety, Depression , social anxiety , ptsd (not diagnosed but recently developed a few episodes of extreme panic remembering an event) I live in California and iM 18.

  • Can u get medical card if u have a back pain

  • My state of new mexico just legalized it for rec use in april 2022, but I just got approved for my med card today in July 2021.. No taxes for me

  • They take their sweet ass time getting you approved. I can just picture them rolling out of their enormous bed in their mansion at 4pm. Will they approve some accounts today? nah… getting out of bed was too much. It was just too much. It's time for a bubble bath.
    Update: actually it isn't this company that is slow it's the state. First you have to pay this company to do their thing which is pretty quick like within a day. But then you have to pay the state to approve you and that is what takes a while since they have better things to do like take bubble baths in their fiat funded mansions.

  • Also more potency for edibles at least here the edibles are quite weak in a dispensary and for my asthma I found myself paying way too much for them but with a medical card for my ptsd I discovered that the prices for more potent edibles are much lower

  • Get your medical cannabis card now, as it would be a great source of home remedy treatment for diseases such as some forms of epilepsy. It would be cheaper compared to when you buy from the store.

  • thanx

  • Can you be 18?

  • I like my Cannabis Card. In Germany better then nothing

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