Why Cannabis Is an Important Medicine | The War on Drugs

Why Cannabis Is an Important Medicine | The War on Drugs

A hidden effect of the War on Drugs – people across the world are unable to get medicines they actually need. From delays in access and research into …




  • Hate this series! studio trash, no real journalism. This host, and this series is trash!

  • Prevents skin discoloration. Probably by binding to beta melanocyte during dialysis, in a dialysis patient

  • I did actually harvest the resin from my poppies once and smoked it… Got a mild buzz, can't imagine it was that strong though. I've only ever done that once out of curiosity… My plant identification app identified the poppies growing in my garden as opium poppies which is what gave me the idea to try harvesting some resin.

  • Still sceptical about cancer treatment… If you dig into the claims people have made they don't actually have the physical evidence to backup their witness testimony.

  • Seen the referral to see this on cannabis legalization to watch. What a great shu

  • I yearn for the day when the world is properly educated on the benefits of this plant. So many issues can be resolved and total pardons must be handed out to those solely convicted of carrying. Regardless of whether they intended to distribute. The industry has opened up and many who condemned it are now reaping the rewards.

  • Marijuana is not a necessity and we all know majority of the ppl that use it are just using to get high for fun, not for medical purposes.

  • Banning drugs because some abuse them is the same as banning cars because some drive like maniacs and kill themselves and others…

  • Weed is not a drug it's just a plant, it just grows like that, and if you happen to set it on fire 🔥…there are some affects

  • Did the youtube removed the earlier version of that video ??

  • canada has a bad opiod addiction problem

  • morphine is death

  • People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it's retracting….BE WISE

  • Bro can you please legalize weed in India police are fighting incent people for saleing weed

  • This is unrelatable …but I would like you guys to know that India is burning rite now from the fire of corona ….situation is out of hand …people are dying on roads since no beds available in hospital and also running shortage on oxygens …..we Indians need help from our fellow countrys….remeber us on your prayers😢

  • Fuck the rule.

  • Brazil urgently needs a translation of this video. 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Benzo's are VERY addictive

  • I became addicted to xanax real bad but now I only smoke weed for my anxiety

  • I am so disturbed

  • 💚

  • this is pure propaganda to introduce drugs on healthy asian nations.

  • "Where is the line between medicine and so called dangerous illicit drugs?" It's the ability to abuse. Cannabis should have never been made illegal.

  • I lost my job last year during the pandemic.

    I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🌍

  • Stop with the propaganda!!!! Is it that hard standing up & saying it's a plant & plant matter with NOTHING for regulating……
    But noooooo you've gotta try and involve even more gooberment?!?

  • The war on drugs was another move to line the pockets of lobbyists

  • Good video

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