Why are US cannabis growers losing profits? – BBC News

Why are US cannabis growers losing profits? – BBC News

California was the first US state to legalise medical marijuana in 1996, and recreational use has been legal since 2016. It is home …


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  • Going legal in california is extremely difficult with so many regulations and ordinances that you have to follow, the permits might be cheap, but the land itself, and equipment will cost you a pretty penny. Every county needs to loosen their barbaric county regulations so the small scale growers can finally flourish, more small scale growers with less taxes and regulations is the only way to compete with cartels and their prices.

  • Cannabis grows there ? A new and 'impossible' knowledge (for me).

  • There scamers

  • The market is full of derivatives. 

    If tobacco was sold in previous years, the campaign reach you as a genuine product.

    Cannabis has serious challenges because if in crime, you die for being fake. Yet it became legal, so unless the government defend “Tobacco is tobacco”

    The Wall St Exchange is old. To define new products would include world trade of cannabis – then each state would want “tobacco is tobacco” “cannabis is cannabis” proof – Or government fails, and crime literally kills each other until the plant is genuine.

    Maybe the plant doesn’t matter, but society crumbled to counterfeiting- the drug industry can do stupid things in white powder. But cannabis is distinct like tobacco. So World trade means each brand competes like beer.

    has earth accepted Wall Street trades cannabis industry worldwide? The government isn’t the government if each vendor is a “manufacturer”

    Until counterfeiting ends society becomes Agrarian. If we sell tomatoes they are “officially tomato’s”

    But Wall Street is old because of the tower attacks. Like the mentality is still worldwide tobacco, cannabis isn’t tobacco, so world trade of it be in World Bank and IMF.

    Buyers of tobacco don’t always have IMF, yet globally anyone could grow it, so long as it’s real. And Market demand is agrarian. China might have all the microchips but it still smokes tobacco and thus is involved in global tobacco.

    Cannabis, Sage, and Tobacco are ancient. All the world need do previously is just have knowledge of product- unlike how electronics castles on innovations- the real plant has distinct characteristics, so if sold as tobacco leaf or cannabis bud, sage bundle of twig.

    “Can’t fake it” – common denominator is that when TV idiot box is off, the castle could identify the smoking history, Sage, Cannabis, Tobacco are like trench warfare where each other are enemy, but it’s genuine so a profit can be made by a common denominator- we all genuinely know what it looks like or smells like, because it has “Smell competitions” or “can’t fake it” here is a BAR brawl.

  • Its failing because governments are useless at dealing—->fact!

  • Atleast Joe Biden helped this moments.

  • Fun fact. Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational weed in the USA

  • States where it's legal just need to get seeds in the ground in every forest and along every highway. If marihuana were as common as crab grass, all issues surrounding it would be a moot point

  • Sentencing to death penalty for trafficking with cannabis is the ultimate exaggeration, deviation from the truth, lie, injustice. There is not justice because humanity are ignorant of reality. The truth is addiction is the psychology of a liar and I can prove it, if I wasn't suffering the most severe and devastating censorship in history in a social media era for many years. You can prove it. I want my truth shared and challenged because it is the truth that stands victorious against the lie. To understand only to want to understand is required. Is anyone doing anything wrong? If nothing is understood nothing has to be done about it. Why i am being censored?

  • It's not the taxes on legal marijuana that support the black-market. It's the outrageously high prices. It's just a plant. Professional growers have admitted it costs about $6 to produce one ounce. Then they sell it for $300. That's price gouging, any way you look at it. After the fraudulently enacted federal prohibition soon collapses, the national market will develop quickly. Then marijuana will be grown in the best climates and shipped everywhere else. It will be sold wherever more harmful beer and wine are available. The national market will force the price down to its natural level, a little above fine tobacco, at $25 to $40 an ounce. THEN, there will be no room underneath that natural price for a black-market to exist.

  • Get it legalised over here when we find Lord lucan never gonna happen but meanwhile in America and Canada you can purchase cannabis and mushrooms that have been part of the land before we where even here and the tories in charge fml never ever will this country legalise

  • Those are not sister's lol

  • Civil asset forfeiture is cooking $auce for the party$

  • The Government tried to regulate the small mom and pop out. So the only ones able to comply are big corporations, now they have created a mess that is worse then before. At least before we were making a living

  • Excessive taxes, regulations and evolutionary black markets, who might have thought?

  • drug dealer losing profit are a good thing

  • This is Not your Culture #CultureVulture Cannabis #JealousOfThaMoney

  • it's a Old World #Practice they Should have #thought of that to #Begin With, Now they will have to Deal with the End #Consequences

  • Because they keep smoking their profits …

  • ☮️🌏🙌❤️

  • i blame the end user for this mess
    you damn potheads got to uppity
    first it had to become organic
    than you wanted fancy extracts
    and suddenly 3 different strains wasnt enough anymore for you smelly hippies

    we dont need legal weed
    we dont need dispensaries
    we dont need cannabis boutiques

    and we sure as hell dont need the cannabis industrial complex

    leave the selling to the individual growers

    we can keep the price for a gram under 10 bucks by cutting
    out the middleman

  • Just leave the plant an it's growers alone, 50+ years of prohibition caused this mess.. ? 🤔🌱🌐

  • Illegal is way cheaper ! Stores like 39-48 dollars a 1/8th and their using low THC and brown commercial weed not local home grown skunk .

  • Some sense in this episode 🤔 when will the UK pull themselves out of the stone ages?! 😂

  • Well for starters the best growers and people who have been doing it forever have been pushed under the table. Applications for business cost thousands and thousands they award the bids to the people who have the highest financial backing and assets, as its a business they look for security and shit. They award all the lisc, etc to all the people who just came in with money. No care for the plants at all, or the process. Canada needs to fix some issues as well.

  • Hope those aren't catholic nuns 🤨

  • Hmm we should regulate else what is the point, but isnt it just a question of supply and demand?

  • For me, I don't take counterpoints against legalization very seriously since we tried to have them illegal and it didn't work, if you want anything you will always see someone happy to sell you only with the added bonus of violence on top and health problems due to the environment where they are sold and consumed or the potency of the substance since it is not regulated.
    We must accept that this war on drugs is a complete failure, it didn't stop smuggling, it didn't stop violence or drug epidemics, it didnt stop the corruption and the market, it didnt change anything and the thing that it change it was for worst.
    The only way to fight the cartels is to take away the market, competition to leave them without incentives and if they want to sell weed, for example, they should sell it at a loss.

  • I just got approved for medical cannabis in U.K. woohoo

  • Because of Tax

  • Up

  • The streets have a better product. They have been doing it longer.

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