• it took my depression anxiety ptsd and mood disorder away with cbd oil … i feel very good now i highly recommend it !!!! also i can concentrate better now and feel like its helping me with digestion also and if your stress out it can help you …. i call it magic oil … the dosage i use is 1mg THC – 25mg CBD …. i use it as a spray ounce a day in the morning … you can also use it twice a day one a night …. if it dosnt help you it mean you need 2 spray instead of one

  • Health Canada needs to make a digital system online where medical cannabis patients can sign up for medical cannabis & be accepted without a Doctor's permission. Medical users should be allowed to have access too more Ounces of Cannabis since they use it everyday… & be allowed to claim a certain % on their income tax like already is in the medical system. It needs to be less of a hassle to acquire a medical license especially since Cannabis is already basically legal for recreational use. Medical users shouldn't have all the hurdles that they currently have too go thru.

  • Make medical cannabis more easily obtainable for the people – who's plant this is – not the pharmacutical industries or anyone's specific. For pain management issues and other health benefits which cannabis offers which I shouldn't need to go over. Government should create an online platform for applications and submissions to be reviewed and processed – in some cases the patient or user has a lot more knowledge about cannabis than their psychiatric doctor or doctor in general so you shouldn't need an approval of a doctor to be issued a license in terms. And have the option for 5 – 10 – even 15 year licenses terms for whatever the best fit for the license and patient are. If you are one of the lucky ones to have a chronic disease or illnesses, you should be issued a license for the rest of your lifetime – which could also be revoked by the Government if your found breaking rules for anyone with/using a license.

  • excellent upload!

  • Non GMO herb

  • My medical marijuana cost $1,000 for 63 grams and the Cannabis is complete garbage. But my opioid prescription is $2🤔🤔🤔

  • I see more kids smoking, more police raiding illegal shops, and more criminal enterprise involved in marijuana. What a colossal failure and waste of time

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