• yea Hope it does happen fully soon n not just canna derived products like sativex that aint got all the other cannabinoids n terpenes to enhance the medical n recreational effects.. and bet u will av to be literally dying before there willing to prescribe it.. absolute joke mate.. hypocrites, control freaks, two faced.. when we still are forbidden to grow our own meds n av to settle for there inferior derivatives n hypocritical laws.. on a plant n med that shudnt be illigal in first place.. 💯💚🙏

  • So medical cannabis was legalised today in the Uk

  • and for someone with suicidal tendency's , this could one day save my fhukin life.

  • i cant wait for this. i live in liverpool and have Depression, anxiety,Suicidal tendencys, ptsd/trauma, and chronic headaches. if this could help me, being 14 or not, life would be so much easier.

  • My daughter was told by her son's DR that it won't be the gods own grown, it will be a copy from a strain, made in a lab. I don't how much this is true…I hope not.

  • Cannabis probably won’t be legalised for recreational use (especially while Theresa is in charge)

  • Theresa may should be drop kicked down a flight of stars

  • Theresa may s husband s company produce it……why can’t we .

  • Why can’t I grow my own medicine…….did God make it illegal ??????

  • It's only a plant bro LEGALISE THE TING !!! — D.O.E

  • Uk is the biggest exporter of cannabis in the World.
    Crazy how Teresa May can grow it and sell it but illegal for public to grow and smoke it!!!!

  • Hey there can ene one tell me what is kronic juice its ,,, ist bad ? I think its saynthitc weed plzzz can u tell me

  • CBD is now fully Legal, Yes – It's expensive, but I can see Cannabis being widely available to Anyone in the UK through the NHS in a year or so.

  • It aint never gonna happen it this fukwit country, all tha pollytricksters r full of shit, u will b old N grey N it will still b tha same… tha babylon system will ensure it never happens

  • No one holds the right to withold my natural medicine.

  • Bang on Tyler hopefully I'll be able to grow my own like I can grow tomatoes easily 😀✌️

  • im just scared as i havent seen anyone propose it for autism or bipolar and thats worrying. i need my meds

  • Funny how the same week that it's revealed that Theresa May's husband profits from shares in a Medical cannabis company there's a massive shift in opinions from parliament.

  • GARMIANI Look like you to be honest

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