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  • Hi. JUSHI has had a really tough go of it. Down almost every day with almost zero upticks. Don't want to be too negative, and I have been adding, but starting to question my thesis and am wondering if the company will even survive. Can you share your opinion? I know you have been very bullish on them in the past. Thanks.

  • Lots of positive comments here considering Congress and the Senate just showed this industry the middle finger and Biden, who has made it clear is not a fan of cannabis, will only make a move based on it garnering him votes and therefore won't do a thing until at least spring/summer of 2024. Until then cannabis companies, the vast majority of which are not yet profitable, are left to struggle with rising borrowing costs and shrinking revenues.

  • Please an update about clvr

  • Enjoy the videos. Something to think about. Two years ago I went all in with Big Oil. Picking several with the best balance sheets. Mistake… I've done great… But the BEST returns were with the companies that had weak/marginal balance sheets two years back. Thanks so much for the updates. Next time I'm in town I'll treat you to Cowgirl Cafe!

  • Thanks for material. What is going on in VFF???!!! Would You give us Your opinion?

  • Grusf? Grown Rouge thoughts ?

    Thanks for the advice

  • Waiting for that Robinhood video 👍👍👍

  • What about Sun Dial they just recently merged with Valens?

  • I’ve been buying nextleaf recently

  • What is Biden reschedules to 2?

  • Real plug 🔌👆👆👆

  • I just keep buying high tide!

  • Another great video. What's your thoughts on the possibility of (JUSHF) getting acquired by a Co. like (TCNNF) and what do you think that would look like?

  • Key question : When ?????? Will Biden legalize med Marijuana

  • Can you explain how medical legalization affects uplisting, if it does at all?

  • Checkout Hexos Monthly climb, your thoughts? Tiny share Float and Market cap= parabolic formula

  • Can you go over your top 9 picks?

  • I have a question: say they pass and make cannabis federally legal tomorrow, at what point and how long will the stock start to rise? Just asking

  • Thank You for this vedio. I can see the uptick in my Cannabis Stock this past three weeks. Working some overtime this week. BUY, BUY, BUY doller cost average.

  • what winners???? you've been MASSIVELY wrong 100% of the time, promoting a sector to go up, which has gone DOWN 90%

  • I really appreciate your opinions. Thank you for your time and for sharing your research. This is an exciting time.

  • Thanks for the macro coverage with regards to cannibas and honest about these companies

  • Decibel Cannabis is taking a lot of market share…and financials look much clearer…can you please take a look

  • Even IF Biden legalized medical cannabis (and I highly doubt he will), Medical isn't going to move the needle on the stock prices. Biden will be Impeached and this will be put on the back burner.

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