What is the role of medical cannabis in the management of IBD?

What is the role of medical cannabis in the management of IBD?

You may be hearing more and more about medical cannabis. How can it help patients with IBD? Watch this video to learn more …


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  • Normally I do respect CCFA, but NOT in this instance, this sounds ike a Trump mentality. Look, I have Crohn's and have done so like for 7 years since I was ten. I don't smoke it and I don't use THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). There are TWO type of Cannabis plants, the usual Cannabis Sativa and another species called Cannabis Indica. The latter is more fore recognised medical usage that yields the CBDs such as CB1 and CB2. Personally as I have found personally the mainstream drugs are mostly ineffective, I stumbled across MEDICAL marijuana. CB2, Also in Cannabis Dativa there is also a counpound called TCHA (tetrahydrocannabinolacid) which does NOT bind to the brain receptors for that 'high' as sought in recreational marijuana use. There jas been much medical research by reputable companies as this 4'000 old phytochemical package has been used for millennia! Please do not put down alternative medicine as I am assuming that CCFA is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organisationm don't receive kickbacks from the major pharmaceutical corporations! They are mostly into profit and a commody on the stock market, do not fall into this trap! Personally I have used this and virtually all my symptoms have gone into remission, only lagging symptom has been diarrhoea which also has been sut down to about 50$. I am BTW a member of CC.UK. That is a non-profit foundation as well of course in like the UK.

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