West Virginia Medical Cannabis Licenses

West Virginia Medical Cannabis Licenses

What is a Medical Cannabis License in West Virginia? West Virginia has announced a medical cannabis program for certain …


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  • Hopefully this will help save hundreds of lives. WV has a terrible problem with opioid abuse and overdose deaths.

  • How do we "lobby" for individual growing rights. Or who do I hand money too?? Whatever 😜

  • You can get the medical marijuana card now

  • That's what we thought but nope.
    Now it's supposedly beginning to finally happen!
    But I am an older lady who lost her driver's license in November and applied for a duplicate. I waited then finally found out that it was mailed December 1st but I never received it. I have informed delivery and a lockbox but did not receive it.
    Do the covid I've been having difficulty getting another driver's license. now they are making you take appointments and I don't have one until March. Can I still see a telemed Dr without my driver's license? I was hoping to ask my dentist's office if they could send me a copy of my driver's license.

  • I live in wv

  • Moving right along, as well as a passed senate bill 752…

    -Blue dreams=$35.17
    -Desert storm=$46.89
    -Girls blue eyes=$51.58
    -Thai purple sticks=$58.61
    -Kali weed=$65.64
    -Afghan MT-liley=$70.33

  • To hell with all the hoops we will have to jump through….I'll just keep getting it on the street

  • SO much to do and will the consumer base support the market? 10 grow, 10 process… Seems low for an entire state.

  • love the ugly sweater theme .. thank you for all the information

  • sounds a lot like NY's program, we have an online web app, patient's dont have access to flower, and no growing etc.we have a hemp growing program but under slim licenses for research. on a side note- i have confirmed that patients have been able to use their flex spending account to pay for the dr's apt for the recommendation, which is usually expensive.

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