We must acknowledge the medicinal properties of marijuana or weed! This is a very brief guide as to what exactly is allowed and …


Mufti Menk


  • yeh right, being gay is halal and weed is haram.

    what a muppet this guy. search mufti menk gay halal

  • So weed is haram

  • If you smoke weed, you will never face diabetes. My guarantee.

  • I had thyroid. After smoking weed, my thyroid is ok now. No more medicine.

  • Smoking weed help me reduce Womanization to the barest minimum.
    Please, which is Haram? Smoking weed or womanizing ?

  • I love how he said just because it's (Weed, Alkuhl, Cigarettes) legalized it's a secular legalization.

    Cannabanoids are anticancer. It's just an herb.

    Alkuhl is a poison.

    And they have red clover and rose petal 🌹 cigarettes with no tobacco nicotine or additives.
    Helps get people off of Marlboros, Cigarettes entirely.

  • THC for the win <3

  • Mufti Sir ur great!

  • Weed is good

  • The middle east was , is the biggest producers of hashish, probably now trying to get into the world CBD markets.

  • Smoking is haram so yes

  • So it's Halal ! Let's go brothers and sisters smoke weeeeed everyday 😃😃

  • Hears a good one for you to look at.gambling is haram yet I know Muslims who gamble on the trading market.

  • Weed is the best, it's helped me get through dark times, helped me with anxiety and depression and I won't EVER give it up

  • Read Bhagwant Geta, Quran are just man made shit. Bhagwant Geta is True KNOWLEDGE from Lord Vishnu(Creator of Universes and Multiverses)

  • Wsalam wa rahmat ullah

  • I like weed but i am not addicted. But i like your opinion and now i am more interested in Islam.

  • I was watching YouTube while smoking but watch this make me ask Allah to forgive me quit but them weed is life lol

  • 💚✅

  • YouTube channel is Haram you know that

  • never heard a sheikh use the n word that frequent, damn

  • It’s help me as I had a brain injury as a kid I was classed as hyper active
    I smoke it and it helps me but it’s cost me a fortune 😢

  • I am a Hasjish expert from Amsterdam, and do you know the Arabic way of making Hasj is very old and honestly all my Muslim friends from Marocco, Egypt, Libanon and even Turkey all smoke Hasjish…
    How do you see this part of the culture and how it mixes with your beliefs? Greets

  • May Allah remove this habit from all of my brothers and sisters if any engage in it. Preserve your mind

  • what about pig?
    halal parts of it?

    what about owning dogs?
    is parts of it not halal?

  • Sugar is also toxic in large amounts….

  • إتق الله في نفسك. قال الله تعالي: فاسألوا أهل الذكر إن كنتم لا تعلمون

  • Interesting

  • Mbangi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's Tsonga, a South African language

  • i dont believe in homeopathy

  • I do some smoking for curing my depression anxiety and stress. Is that allow ?

  • look at this nobody trying to be rlevant

  • Religion is only old rule books ..we have our constitution rules on this days .. so we really don't need that old that some fools written books

  • jazakAllah kheyr ♥️

  • Crax head 🤣🤣🤣🤣 brain washed cult,

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • its only truly intoxicating if you don t dose properly. im always in panic mode, thc is THE only solution

  • Im moslem n i love weed

  • Breathing too fast, is Haram.

  • Weed is absolutely haram i think. Also, some scholars say Cigarettes are also haram, while some say it is makrooh. I think both are haram. Wallahu A’lam

  • But weed has always been smoked since ancient Africa.

  • I'm so glad that I've seen this video. It came in perfect time for me. And really it hit deep because you have great and positive energy. Greetings from Croatia, keep a good work!

  • Did this guy told me I can smoke and then I cannot smoke? Allah I need to let this one slide

  • I use thc medicinally with my friends

  • It is Halal when not abused.

  • This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about he’s talking about oil oils no different than smoking it but nice try though first he says oil is good and then he says smoking it is not good there is no difference it’s still hypocritical if you actually look at the science of it what are you saying Weed is not like cigarettes it’s how you grow it and how healthy you grow it just don’t put no chemicals in it and you’ll be fine it’s common sense

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