'We Have A Chance To Do The Right Thing': Tester Discusses Bill To Study Marijuana Use For Veterans

'We Have A Chance To Do The Right Thing': Tester Discusses Bill To Study Marijuana Use For Veterans

In remarks on the Senate floor Wednesday, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) spoke about a bill to study medical marijuana for veterans.


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  • as a veteran i would be happy to just be treated as well as illegal immigrants or simply to be able to receive medical treatment in a timely manner .. months is bad enough but it has been over a decade for me trying to get treatment with several dr referrals and i have still yet been accepted to see a specialist.. but this would be nice and would help many

  • info warrior veterans dont get benefits.

  • Cannabis is responsible for the cognitive dissonance that has infected our country's politics and schools.

  • BS marijuana is a big problem it needs to stop being used as a cure all! This is pharmakia witchcraft

  • I appreciate what he's saying here, but:

    The same government that didn't learn any lessons from the "Prohibition" catastrophy of the 1930's, now (and for some time) want to "study" whether cannabis is safe or not.

    Meaning, if THEY deem it unsafe, it remains illegal (and the standing joke of a schedule 1 status), regardless of the ones that DO benefit….(although there NEVER been a single documented case of ANYONE EVER dying from it.)

    I'm pretty damn sure that, if you decided to literally risk/give your life for your country and survived, you should be able to use ANY damn plant that God Almighty put here, for ANY purpose that you see fit.

    The lawmakers throughout history have always been pro alcohol/drinkers as a whole (minus the women making policy to keep their husbands at home).

    If the lawmakers were historically smokers…….. we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

  • why do you want to study vets?

  • John Tester is one of the good ones. I'd like to see him as president.

  • Marijuana is a cerebral drug that addresses a number of medical issues including PTSD, anxiety, Parkinson, epilepsy, insomnia.

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