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  • THC actually causes seizures in alot of people. There's alot of misinformation on weed out there, people think its harmless, but it really isnt.

  • I wonder why people still spend their money on injections and drugs each time they are sick. Natural herbs can cure all kinds of illness including herpes, diabetes, asthma, HIV, HSV1&2, hepatitis, HPV , Cancer, Fibroids, Syphilis, kidney stone, Epilepsy, Strokes,lungs failure, Sickle.etc. I've seen it with my own eyes. I was cured from Hiv and Fibroid and my aunt and her husband were cured from herpes virus too by DR. Chukwu Madu herbs. He uses natural herbs to cure different kind of virus. Dr. CHUKWU Madu prove to the world that natural herbs can cure all illness and he cured countless people using herbs. I know is hard to believe but am a living testimony. I was diagnose of HIV and Fibroid in 2012 and i believe there is cure even when the doctors said there is no cure yet. I strongly believe in herbs and i came across a comment on a blog written by Lisa Pierre, saying she was cured from HERPES by Dr. CHUKWU MADU and i contacted his herbal home on the email that was provided on the comment and order one for myself and he send it to me through UPS and gave me instructions on how to use it and after i finish taken it i went for checkup and the result shows am Hiv and Fibroid NEGATIVE. The doctor said that the disease is completely gone from my body. There is no harm trying herbs it work perfectly and it has no effect. You can contact Dr. CHUKWU MADU to get yours..
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  • Thanks for this amazing video. Medical Cannabis can also cure different kinds of pain.

  • Thanks for making this video Ive been looking into CBD a lot right now for my seizures.

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