• The FDA hasn't approved tobacco. Yet it available almost everywhere. And it kills many people every year.

  • so you just gave two anti cannabis warriors the platform they needed to lie to our faces. this is why we cant have nice things. i am starting to see how our state was able to be so mismanaged that the pension funds were never paid into properly. if a news outlets not only fails to hold our leaders accountable but goes one step further and gives them a way to lie to us without any pushback you are not a news outlet you are a propaganda outlet.

  • Since when do you approve only some illneses for cannabis are you choosing who gets healed see that is what needs this government FDA a is biased and unfair laws.

  • Most thease far lefties are stuck on there old ways and have never tried it ,they obviously need to.

  • What's funny is humans have researched this since the beginning of time 0deaths ,and we need approval from people like this .so annoying we are far from free in America it's an illusion,look what's happening unless your to far left your part of the problem.thease people will all be delt with next presidency.go Trump💪

  • This is the reason why we can’t have nice things, people like this who thinks they can limit to the tiniest things that would allow us to get the things we would like and or need. But look like it will be another 5-10 years before KY will get anything back

  • Most studied plant in the world already…

  • Cannabis non toxic complete nutrition a superfood…go figure….FOOD !

  • They won't do it because the FDA will go out of business

  • Sad that this plant was vilified and lied on by powerful ppl for the sole purpose of harming another set of ppl, when it could have been benefiting all ppl long ago. Good job liars.

  • So doctors have given out cards to get pot but won't prescribe approved painkillers.

  • Wonder have effects .Marijuana been years.Lot of people use it for medical .

  • Yes so keep drinking alcohol and smoke cigarettes,vapes. That's a great 👍 but we can't have whats grown from our soil. All i see is IGNORANCE!!!!!!

  • They just don’t want to pass it 🤦🏻‍♀️ haven’t seen anyone die or od from weed

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