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  • I'm about to be denied my .5mg clonazapam 1 per day because I supplement not getting adequate amount to deal with my chronic anxiety and past trauma. I truly feel I'm being profiled and treated like a scumbag for using cannabis once a day at night to help sleep. Now if I was drinking heavily and abusing my family I'd have no problem getting my medication because alcohol is legal. Now if we're treating it as any other med I would not be denied one for taking the other unless there was a dangerous adverse reaction. There are no known adverse reactions to taking the 2 in combination. I came from a legal state and never had an adverse reaction for the years I took them in tandem. This is not right and unsafe for patents who already get far less than what they need then can't supplement with a perfectly safe plant. I've been suicidal, and unable to function without either a higher dose or the much safer cannabis supplement. Is there anyone who can help. It's treated like Andy other med right? So how come I can drink as much as I want but still own firearms but if I use a much safer alternative like cannabis I can't and in fact would have to wait a year before legally being able to own a fire arm again after discontinue use. We have ppl making laws with no knowledge of what they're talking about and are in fact puppets of the cult who owns this state. Maybe if the will of the ppl weren't denied this wouldn't be a problem but there are several other states with effective programs (proven) where ppl don't have to fight for needed meds because of cannabis use. This needs to stop and is hurting ppl by making them choose between two meds that work. I am furious and worried for my wellbeing in the end. There is no care or compassion in the medical industry and that's just wrong. They're essentially saying we don't care about the quality of your life and you'll do what we say. Sounds like medical fascism to me. I'm at a loss and about to lose my mind.

  • That guy should be dad of the century, working on tv while taking care of his son. 👋 awesome dad!

  • Alcohol is legal and kills.

  • I know Weedborn has solutions to most diseases.

  • I know Weedborn has the best CBD products ever.

  • It just need to be fully legal for everyone the state is greedy as fuck

  • They don't even know how to talk about it. A "controlled substance" is not a prescription. Cannabis is already a controlled substance which is something that cannot be prescribed & cannot be used cannot be carried & cannot be possessed, such as heroin.
    They keep saying like other controlled substance when they mean any other "prescription medications" and if they wrote controlled substance then they wrote it, then cannabis is still as illegal in their state as it already was. marijuana is the legal federally because marijuana is listed as a controlled substance now they're making it stay just as illegal locally as it is federally because controlled substances are completely non-legal non-prescribable, non-recommendable, non-obtainable non-possessable.
    It is hard to repeatedly watch this ignorant self-stopping language where they repeatedly ignorantly mean prescription "like any other prescription" but they keep saying like any other controlled substance.

    cannabis already is a controlled substance and they're trying to remove that label but it sounds like they mistakingly didn't do that and don't realize that they didn't do it at the same time.

  • Utah sucks when it comes to laws

  • That's the Mormons.

  • What idiocy! Do these politicians think it would be OK for FirstResponders to work under the influence of legally prescribed opiates too? Nice idea, to have Cops and Firefighters arrive on an emergency situation stoned!

  • Utah has is no place for Weed, Medical or Recreational.
    There are real Rx Drugs that treat conditions better.

    Look at what has happened to Colorado, Washington, Oregon & California! They became Decaying Liberal 💩 Shows

  • That's like a dr telling you you can't have alcohol or tobacco

  • Fuck no people need help because drs won't help them with pain meds they will just block it and it's not considered a pharmaceutical until it's changed properties

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