Utah doctors face potential issues with medical cannabis

Utah doctors face potential issues with medical cannabis

The group that led the fight to legalize medical cannabis in Utah is warning doctors of potential legal troubles with the way the …


FOX 13 News Utah


  • Make it happen March is coming fix the problems it can't be that hard your losing money to other states

  • Utah fucking sucks

  • Bullshit Jaumeake it legal like Colorado

  • Utah is a Joke! They don’t let adults be adults here! I can’t wait to move back home to Arizona once I am done with school!

  • need good shit

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  • Funny. Polygamy gets the greenlight but this God given plant is still "devilweed"

  • The Doctors that do choose to issue the prescriptions are going to have their waiting rooms full. And what they do is ask a few questions and thats it. They make millions. They dont care abt the Law cause they will get good Lawyers if needed. Its way safer than prescribing opioids.. Thats how it happened in MI.

  • What a counter ….scare tactic…….suck it Mormans….

  • Time to federally legalize.

  • This portion of Fear Mongering brought to you by 'friends' of big pharma.

  • Every state that has medical marijuana has this same issue and doctors there haven’t had any issues so what’s the problem?

  • Make it legal federally!

  • Pandora's Box

  • Make marijuana legal and put the pill pushers out of business.

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