Using Medical Cannabis To Treat ADHD & Fibromyalgia – Rosie's Story | Project Twenty21

Using Medical Cannabis To Treat ADHD & Fibromyalgia – Rosie's Story | Project Twenty21

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  • Rosie I have ADHD and Fibromyalgia and since I have been consuming cannabis. I haven't had the pain, I've been calmer and appropriately impulsive. I have been self medicating and first tried it at the age of 9 years old and I am 54 years old now, pretty successful for someone with both conditions. I go to a dispensary that focuses on medical patients. It has improved the quality of my life and surprisingly enough my brain fog isn't as bed. I can smoke different strains for different needs and it lasts for about 5 hours for me. The expense is the worst of it, but the medications I was on were pricy too. I'm much happier now! Do I think it's for everyone? Maybe not, but if it works for you, your liver will thank you.

  • I have both , how can I get help

  • As someone with combined type ADHD who smoked a LOT of cannabis in their teens, and went on to work in NHS drug treatment services and now a mental health nurse, I've seen both the positives and the negatives of using cannabis. For me I loved it, and while on methylphenidate it didn't have any detrimental impact on me that I was conscious of (although others did) but when I came off ADHD meds my use went up (not sure of correlation) and I think it did hold me back for A – levels. Once I experimented with other drugs, my casual daily cannabis use started to make me paranoid and now I can't understand how it could help someone's mental health (from my perspective). I've known two friends develop psychosis where cannabis seemed to be a factor (including an identical twin – the only difference between the one with psychosis and the one without is cannabis use) and the vast majority of patients I've worked with in mental health services have smoked cannabis, in many cases psychosis has deemed to be drug induced… On the flip side I've known people in drug treatment services for whom it stops them from killing themselves and helps loads in managing their emotions in PTSD and EUPD so I think like anything else – if used in moderation in the minimum amount it takes to have theraputic effect it can be effective, but it's definitely not 100% safe and there has to be some link in some people with psychosis (have also seen it be detrimental to those with anger issues, depression and anxiety as it can limit motivation and social functioning)

  • It is great to see medicinal cannabis being used where it can, and as I also have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and being on the Autism Spectrum, but for me the cost of £150 per month is just too expensive 🙁

  • Nice one Rosie – really really happy for you 😀 Onwards and upwards 🚀

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