Using fish to grow medical marijuana

Using fish to grow medical marijuana

CityNews videographer Audra Brown tours one of the only facilities in the world that’s using fish to grow medical marijuana.


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  • Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll grow you some great weed.

  • use bigger tank stop this abuse

  • Why she holding the camera and hosting? Times that bad at that news station?

  • I just take the sand out my fish tank every four to five months and mix it in my soil then save the water to fertilize ever two weeks until flower time comes in

  • I been growing weed in my fish tanks for years lol it does work pretty well

  • I would love to build this

  • Those fish are not self sustaining they are dying and living in fertilizing shit water lol

  • Less fish will do in the tanks you have them in. How will you like to feel squeezed in a tight space with plenty of people. Nice plants. Nice fish but that's cruelty

  • Great coverage!

  • Fish have no feelings

  • Great, video!!👍👍

  • Feed the fish bad food and get bad nutrients in the plants. Feed the fish GMO and the plants will have GMO. What the fish eat will determine what the plants get.

  • That dude seemed to be a little tweaked out.

  • Fish often contain mercury.

  • anyone know the name of the company

  • Weed should be fifty cents an ounce now.

  • I feel bad for the fish but it’s a good idea

  • Fishy Love Trim Leaves Make A beautiful Fish Trout Stream Pond Inn Yards Xoxtra Buddy Pondix Catch N' Relief Reefer Islands #CHILLISQUATCH B.C.CANABAS CANADAS ?!

  • Whay company is this? … so i can avoid their product

  • Those are shit roots lol

  • Bullshit on the yield per acre crap.

  • Someone favorite fishing spot will disappoint them …. I hope they will see this is the reason why smh🤣

  • Repent Jesus is coming soon for his kingdom

  • I hope this is link to the aquaponics other wise I'm messging them this is screwed up it's a gimmick no real science.
    So you feed your plants ammonia. In a low percentage it makes clean bacteria? Its indoor and already no pesticide supposedly… yet the amount of fish to the water doesn't create a ratio that makes sense your plants should be able to grow 15 feet high. Add your last two sips of coffee a single plant each day will make the plant more vibrant green. So do I grow it in coffee, no, your idea only made sense if it was in an outdoor green house if your going to further this, test it and use a light system during the night. Watch the new result of wider and just as potent yieldage, the water allows moisture to enter the leaves on evaporation wich actual allows it to be outdoor with no coverage im saying it has to have it side by side water source but hard to keep xtra light going at night with inscects around.
    Growing in a field of a certain type of flowers to types of trees enable a taste change.
    In a text of idea I was one year told to use I swear it was sugar to cure or he said a starch base wich made no sense thinking about it but will add a 8 percent taste change, bin too long since it was used. il have to re edit. And ask around this week to find out but ur plants look way to short even on a cloned rate.
    You might wanna do some more testing because I've known people to have some strange ideas and your job is to listen and do what your paid.
    Ur waters probably filtered. Now is it rain water or just "clean water" because I can drink creeks that test less like fish than what your feeding your plants.
    I hope to see some real growth and not because real growing companies didn't get validated because someone was messing with growing with fish. The bee harvesters got a sweeter idea

  • These fucking cry babies man. They literally shit on fishies all day no problem but use them to build a solid ecosystem and you're still bad. LOL. stfu already with the fish.

  • One time I'd scored some bud from the dispensary it smelled good when I bought it But damn when I took first hit it tasted like a rainbow trout I was like WTF and i smelled it from the packed bowl and smelled like a fuckin fish couldn't get no high too was weird took the damn rainbow kush outta my bowl and threw it away including what I'd scored and said fuck that

  • I thought anything with a pH you say it like fo so when you say fone its spelled phone now aquaponics

  • I've been growing weed for a very long time this is just wrong you have to feel some compassion for the fish

  • So many fish in such a tight space wtf atleast give them proper space to love in

  • Man this stupid as hell

  • Some gassss

  • Wow enslavement of another species for profit great job human race 👌


  • This isnt new shit people been doin this forever

  • How do I set this up

  • small buds, not very impressive. donate the fish to shelters, that is disgusting. Those fish are raised in water that contains their own waste, what do you think they are getting for food. Food-grade my ass.

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