UK medical GELATO, DON’T BUY IT! Seeds part2

UK medical GELATO, DON’T BUY IT! Seeds part2

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  • Same with the Strawberry Glue had loads tiny tiny seeds

  • How can I get the cannibas in UK

  • How is this even possible from medical canibus, I've never heard of any like this in Australia

  • What they need to do is be more vigilant at removing the male plants.

  • We are f£&,ked as medical patients,I couldn't get my usual medication due to one out of stock and others they do have are not great,so went down BM route first postal & police grabbed my 2 O of medication,things need to change I've now lost my money and medication just because it has no script,but the prescribers and the growers are letting us down and we are paying for a below par product at top prices,I'm being bent over man 😡

  • This is why I have not purchased my last 4 prescriptions. I've had to use other suppliers and it's not what I want or need. I have CRPS & Other conditions and if I don't have clean consistent meds then it impacts my health significantly

  • Haha I was thinking when you pulled the scales out that it would be about 6g and the small print on the tub says "10g freshly trimmed weight" haha.

    Can you talk to us about your prescription? How you manage to get the strains you want to try, and costs please?

    I wouldn't complain about the seeds though… Sell them as souvenirs for 15 quid each haha

  • Great video mate. Can't believe how many seeds you have got in there.

  • I called my clinic they sending me a refund or a new batch but I want to ask them for gelato but a different brand as I’ve noticed that grow pharma don’t seem to have the best quality buds 👎. I can’t be picking through buds all day 😣

  • Who did U complain too I’m not happy with mine 💚👊

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