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  • I had exactly the same script, the green gelato is very nice. Run out on 3rd script so i went onto legendary larry

  • Absolutely love the royal Moby

  • Hi jane thanks for this review i got this as first n hoping its stornge enough for me as i need higher thc level for my condition

  • What cbd do you use.

  • this is back in stock btw. also my clinic said khiron which is on p21 is briniging out 5 new strains in a few weeks which is not irridiated so hopefully other clinics will be prescribing it and taste nicer and not need to go to that one clinic for GROW stuff. Incase u fancy trying it if ur scripts changing soon thought id mention it.

  • They all sedate me I like the royal moby it’s a lovely happy high, I prefer the sativa to the indica, but I usually mix them up and vape. Those volcanoes look brilliant I don’t get much smoke out of my vape

  • We should all be able to grow own medicine

  • Wishing I could afford to be on the cannabis prescriptions but will never be able to afford it. Opoids benzodiazepines and many other pharmaceutical meds until I die

  • Hello I’m a new subscriber and I’m also a taking medically what would you say the flavour taste like ? Is it a nice taste or does it have no taste or flowery herb taste ?

  • I've got this coming next week along with a number of other medications. Just found your channel so I'll keep an eye on reviews ☺️ hope you are well

  • Hi, I just had my initial consultation today and have ordered the noidecs T20 royal Moby and the Khiron Hindu Kush.

    I believe I paid 7ppg for both as T21 is now charging 7ppg.

    I'm really daft and didn't ask the doctor how to sort out my next prescription.

    Could you explain briefly how that works?

    Many thanks.

  • Try inhaling it and holding it in. I struggle to hold it in when I use a pipe but when I smoke a Spliff I inhale , and I do not exhale for at least 5 seconds and I inhale slowly to go to my lungs and then keep it there 😃

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