UK Medical cannabis review (22% THC!!!)

UK Medical cannabis review (22% THC!!!)

In this video we take a close look at one of the UK’s first legally available cannabis varieties. Spectrum therapeutics red no.4 …




  • Nice music ✌🏻🫡

    Nice buds!

  • Im.Getting only 1 option saphire medical, and prescriptions ar £125 a month for bud, doesnt clarify weight or how often prescription get dropped off.. So it may be fortnightly, can anyone share light or any firther advice becore i pay few conciltations st 50 a shot forst 2 month, then the 125 Pm, 50 conciltation every 3 month and start the ball rolling? Scotland btw.. But seems saphire are only viable route england or scotland….. Wonder who the CEO and share holders are married to eh lol

  • hi the prices have they dropped now to up to 150 for 28g ✌️ peace

  • Hey man, I’d love to chat to you about the mechanics of this. I’m sure I’d be scripted it if I paid, I’m just wondering about the script. Like how long does a script last? Could I get a script and buy 3 months worth of cannabis at once? Or is it like your dr will prescribe you a certain amount/ month and then you have to pay per gram? I think it would make me cry in happiness to not be a criminal for wanting to feel better!

  • Great Video & Fantastic Music

  • strange that it costs so much when other medical cannabis providers only charge £5 a gram.

  • I’ve seen better weed that’s been grown in a attic 😂

  • Not even gonna lie as a medical patient myself I’d have sent that back, really doesn’t look nice at all and I’m not hating just personal that doesn’t look like nice bud and for £13 whatever a gram there’s far better buds in medical prescriptions available generally looks like it’s been radiated look into it if your doubtful it’s not been proven but really can’t be healthy for you

  • Always keep a screenshot of your prescription in your camera roll. Never know when it may come in handy.

  • I need this to get off my gabbies for my nerve damage

  • Hey was it you that had a tub that said only don’t drive if you feel drowsy or something? If so what was the strain bc I need to order it!

  • As always if you can afford legal cannabis it's ok. If not your a criminal in the UK. The cannabis clinic's in the UK are extortionate . At least your local dealer won't charge a consultation fee to discuss selling you more.

  • Just looks like stardawg

  • I know that's not a thing in the UK WTH is a spicy treacle pie £60 for 5grams aswell 🤦🏼‍♂️ Interesting vid though but I'm not sold grow your own it's not that hard. You don't need fancy gadgets and chemicals and you'll save a ton too. Get registered and provide your own

  • Still ain't up to cali

  • rip off

  • Great video thanks 😊

  • Wish you could get gold seal cannabis and walk in to a shop and buy it .

  • 68 quid for the weed and 50 quid for the prescription per month?

  • We really all should be pushing for legalisation in Britain and join in with the rest of the world by giving our kids safe medicine while giving them their lives back instead of toxic pharmaceutical drugs let's all stand up and put an end to the false war on drugs people 🌿🌏

  • 22% is basically mids. Smokable but only in quantity.

  • Hiya @jibbajungs – I'm currently writing my dissertation on the UK's approach to cannabis; would it be possible to talk to you (anonymously) about your experience with the NHS?

  • Do all the strains for medical cannabis go through the gamma irradiation process?

  • How long, If at all possible, do you think it would be from getting a diagnosis from a gp to getting a cannabis prescription?

    I believe I may have insomnia but have never seen a doctor about it.

  • Where can I order this from?

  • Just signed up with levaclinic for my chronic pain

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