• Glad your still dropping content

  • Simpa, Is that poster/picture up in your house all the time??? respect to you both

  • Ey Tyler
    Something inside you switched!!! People need to realise your better and stronger the side your at now …. fighting for us !!!
    We need more people like you pal to press forward and prove this plants more than just a weed

  • Enjoying these show's tremendously, they are informed intelligent, also motivational for the movement, thank you. Win

  • It's interesting about breeding and natural spread and breeding. Climate played a key role in fine tuning the plants. Indica's are mainly found in mountains low humid areas. Sativas like it better in tropical climates.

  • Hay up. Personally I thought Indica where the knockout powerful body buzz. Sativa more energetic get things done ✌

  • There is a huge but unseen shift in the whole country.

  • 18 States allow medical cannabiss in the United States. Almost half the country can legally turn to cannabiss instead of Biig Pharma.

  • Gonna be hard to figure out the dosages. Everyone reacts differently.

  • It winds me up completely T, it’s all cannabis if it’s grown in a garden or a factory. This “street weed” does my nut in.

  • I’ve read Shakespear preferred cannabis to opium. It was found in his pipes

  • I like seeing people’s face when I explain the ECS to them. 👌

  • WOW! Barely recognize you. Your voice is a dead giveaway though.

  • i would be enjoying this alot more if my dealer did not get corona

  • We don’t have a capitalist system ISMOKE … otherwise Cannabis would be legal to purchase

  • Interesting one fella..

  • 👍💚🌱🤙🔥🦘💨💨💨

  • great discussion, subbed to you both 👍

  • Great episode lads!

  • 👍🏼

  • Nice to see your channel still going mate 💨

  • Much love and respect my Brother thank you for sharing 👍

  • 2 words gamma irradiation. No way would I smoke any bedrocan or goverment produced boof.

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