Trulieve CEO: Medical Cannabis Transition | Mad Money | CNBC

Trulieve CEO: Medical Cannabis Transition | Mad Money | CNBC

It’s a medical marijuana company helping over 80000 patients and you may have never heard of it. Jim Cramer looks into Trulieve …


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  • I will be promoting a channel to call out the obvious scam of the legal dispensaries in florida to be specific. And how they are knowingly and purposely misleading consumers. Ever notice that there's just something nit right with there weed? Master grower over 10 years here. I have the answers. Will drop links soon. Can't wait!

  • I wish they would bring the prices down for people that are disabled and medicate Investments people need it for pain and Medicine and just like most medicine it's the prices are getting out of control it should go down not up

  • Where can I buy trulieve stock

  • Too much profit margin. Medical marijuuana is sold no different than the old pill farm pain clinics. Get corporate America out of marijuana!

  • Hydroponics is the future for growing your own 🌱 please call us for ℹ️ and the cheapest pricing guaranteed 🙏

  • Why would a Reverse Take Over be a bad thing? Doesnt it mean a private company can go public faster without the wait?

  • Trulieve is dominating the Florida market at the moment. I love their products. MÜV is doing great things too. But I am a Truliever now. Thanks

  • Truelieve treats their customers like shit, look at customer submitted reviews. I feel bad for them

  • I am a big fan of trulieve products, especially truclear

  • I've doubled my money on their stock. It can only grow. Statistics have shown we will meet or exceed California's expected sales.

  • April 14 2019 and still no edibles for us with COPD from smoking tobacco..(my bad)..even though Trulieve has had 2 contracts for quite a long time with large edible production companies! What's up…?

  • The Florida legislature is ruining the medical marijuana program. They want to add a 10% cap on THC.

  • they need to lower the prices by about 10 dollars each gram. But the products are high quality and they are getting tons of variety very soon.

  • Holding Trulieve until they hit $60. Lawyers know how to make money!!!

  • Really excellent product. Needs more variety but so far pretty good.


  • started at 10 went to 22 now is at 14? no good?

  • I am a Truliever. Long TRUL!!!!

  • October 17th baybee!

  • Go Trulieve!

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