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  • I'd like to know a study or correlation between severity of illness and dosage???
    It also doesn't sound like this can be used in a urgent care stabilizer situation…

  • I live with complex PTSD from being sexually and physically abused as a kid, and from being severely emotionally neglected by my parents through all that abuse. Antidepressants were not effective. Therapy/CBT helps but is not enough. Sometimes I don't even have the motivation to eat. I've self medicated with weed for years and I truly believe if it weren't for weed, I would have removed myself from this world a long time ago. But the high THC in bud gives me anxiety if I smoke too much. It also messes with my sleep and motivation. But when I don't smoke at all, I feel extremely angry, resentful, and hopeless literally all the time. The emotions are unbearable.

    I've just started medical cannabis oil with about equal parts THC (10mg/mL) and CBD (12.5mg/ML) and I'm looking forward to the positive, medicinal effects of weed that I know exist, but without the anxiety, motivation problems, sleep problems, etc that come from smoking.

    I agree it should at least be considered as a first line treatment for PTSD. It's basically impossible to OD or self harm with it, side effects are mild if any, and it seems to have a high success rate.

  • All illness is rooted in the spiritual and until people realise this it's just putting a sticking plaster on a gaping wound. Yahuah Yahusha! 🙌🕎

  • SO TRUE!
    Cannabis is not tollerated where i live though. People see cannabis users as heroin addicts here.

    SSRI work to some extent, but i am always worried about the shocks that run trough my mind if i stop taking them. It feel like a physical addiction my body is getting, yet my therapists tell me that it's not an addiction. I also get a really really bad hangover if i drink alcohol while taking ssri.

  • Seeking advice.

    I am on autism spectrum and have lots of developmental & racial trauma. Also am a sexual abuse survivor.

    I recently self diagnosed myself w c ptsd as I’ve been diagnosed w everything, (I was failed by school & medical system) prescribed everything. Had bad side effects numerous times.

    How do I seek prescriptions for cbd and THC use?

    Kinda vain, but I want to date and I’m concerned about bad breath, black lips, etc from inhaling THC. Is that an issue?

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  • Started back up with smoking cbd for my PTSD and it’s helping ease me so much. I had to go off of cbd during my pregnancy but now I’m glad to be able to calm down my PTSD symptoms. Wanting to talk to a doc on this and find out more info especially how it can help with PTSD and if I need any THC added. Thank you for sharing and helping all of us who have been struggling for so long!! Aloha from Hawaii 🌺🥰🙏🏼

  • My pain and sorrow is gone thank you #Druromi on YouTube for being responsible through the national herbal medicine you gave to me.👍

  • Fuck big pharma !! Nature knows best that benzo almost.killed me cannibis kills the issues there trash made me way way worse

  • I suffer from ptsd and bipolar. I can take three bowl rips of high percentage cbd less than .03% thc when my anxiety and panic attacks kick in and it totally kicks down 5-10min after inhalation. Cbd low thc is a god send for me. It is a relaxer and kicks the depression aspect of these mood disorders out. I've taken numerous pharmaceuticals which only worsen my symptoms or made me sick or dependent on them.

  • I had little mental health benefit from CBD oil. 10 mg THC at a time has been immensely helpful with my PTSD.

    Edit: I've found benefit using CBD together with 5mg THC. In particular, it seems to ward against the paranoia that occasionally comes with a THC high.

  • This is accurate

  • someone know the name of the doctor! im amazed! im from mexico and its hard to belive theres doctors actually doing their job and not just druging heavly they patients.

  • Medical Cannabis and a Good Diet are a medical necessity for all those of us who have been innocently and ignorantly consuming such hard to avoid Mitochondrial Poisonous Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils in our diets and got one or more of many more modern thus Metabolically Caused Diseases and CANCERS. These barely existed before about 1900 when industrially manufactured Vegetable Seed Oils and foods started becoming available. You need to exclude all manufactured snacks, takeaways, restaurant fried and manufactured foods to avoid all these vegetable oils. The ideal solution for ultimate healthy longevity is to go fully VEGAN and take Cannabis Supplementation to boost your damaged Endocannabinoid System until you are better (maybe 2 years or so) while getting all vegetable seed extract, typical industrially refined cooking oils out of your diet. You can certainly use some polysaturated animal food-based oil/fat as in all animal products if you are not quite so ill or worried about living as long and remaining perfectly healthy. Best luck from your optimally self reeducated and friendly family GP Dr David who wants to see you be actually cured of all the modern diseases that are definitely so dietary-based in origin. Get mt 75-page explanation with all references at

  • Why you not include slides in video???

  • Vietnam veteran with PTSD, 71 years old. Best thing that helped me was to get treatment with medical marijuana. It's been 2 years of treatment and I highly recommend it.

  • I need to see a doctor like this… a psychiatrist…. I'm shattered it's not possible in Australia. I'm wasting away unable to function and remain stable because I can't get the help… it's devastating.

  • You need to go to a medical marijuana facility as they can help you get what you need .. I find that lower thc and higher cbd is beneficial and helps xo I prefer straight up cbd no thc

  • Finally, a doctor who knows his subject matter and is not afraid to help his patients because of social stigmas. Thank you Doctor for putting your patients welfare first!

  • People suffering from post-traumatic distress disorder report that cannabis reduces the severity of their symptoms by more than half, at least in the short term, according to a recent study.

  • Weed gave me PTSD and anxiety disorder, unless the weed was laced and ratio was wrong??? Something to explore…

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