Travel Skincare Routine ~ What to Pack!

Travel Skincare Routine ~ What to Pack!

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  • Do you do Retin A at night and morning

  • Very helpful! This helps bunches, gives me an idea what to take, what to leave behind when I travel! Thank you!🌺

  • Hey Angie, tried to get your site to post this, but my browser can't open your site this morning. So posting this ? here in the hopes you'll see it.

    This was a great video 2 years ago (and again this AM), but with spring and summer on the way, could you do an updated video on skincare for travel?

  • TSA will allow you to bring full size sunscreen as a medication if you have a physician note. It’s medically necessary if you use retin-a!

  • Came to this Angie from a newer video you put up in 2020. Missed it the first time round but really enjoyed this. Made me rethink what I bring and what I can leave at home. Thanks for thinking of those of us, like me, who really do want to keep up their skincare regime while on holiday but who also want to get out of the airport as quickly as I can.

  • I love travel sizes!! Even if it costs more, I will purchase the travel sizes of my regular products… if not available in TS, I re-bottle them in small travel containers… LOVE travel size!!

  • Thanks Angie!! I live in a naturally dry climate and traveled to Denver last weekend without my skin care products. Just sample sizes of old stuff I used to use, before I discovered you! Let me tell you, my skin revolted without it's usual routine! I am headed to the Caribbean this weekend and I appreciate your advice on what to bring with me. Thanks again for all you do! Total devotee here! 🙂💕

  • I too struggle with what to take when I travel. I want to take everything. I use contact lens cases to store my skincare products in. Products like my Retin A, vitamin C serum, & moisturizers. Not very attractive, but label with a sharper it gets the job done.

  • I've been using both the Timeless Vitamin c and Matrixyl Synthe 6 serums and I'm constantly getting compliments and asked if I get Botox!!!! Never have and wont at this rate! I'm 34 and I look like I'm in my 20's . Thank you for showing me these products and they actually work!!!

  • Angie would you venture a guess if the .5 oz cobalt blue glass bottles would hold enough for the timeless serums for 2 week’s worth?

  • Great video Angie! I actually have my 13-year-old son and husband using better skin care (especially SPF) because of your informative videos.

  • I do have a question. Do you think you could mix your Vitamin C and Q10 Serum together for easier traveling?

  • What a great list and so much easier than toting the whole medicine cabinet with us, hahah! LOTS of love! Sharon

  • holy moley why?

  • Angie, where do you get the little bottles that you decant your Vit C serum into so that it stays fresher longer?

  • Hi, Angie. Where do you get your smaller bottles to decant your vitamin c into? Thank you. Very nice video.

  • I just bought the Australian Gold sunscreen at Ulta for a trip to Florida next month. I hope I love it as much as you do☺️

  • Great video Angie, I save all my samples I get to use for when I travel, I also depot my serums into smaller bottles I found on Amazon.

  • Angie. Wondering if you’re still using the Ordinary Resveratrol 3% serum and if so when is it applied.

  • Excellent tips for my upcoming trip! Going to Europe for 3 weeks so I will definitely take all the things you said. I follow your skincare routine, so this helps me a lot! Thank you!!

  • I use contact lense cases for things like concealer, eye creams, serums- anything I don''t use large amounts of- and it is a great space saver!

  • Hi Angie! Love watching your videos…so helpful! Question for you…I noticed that you don't use any sort of eye serum or gel for either morning or evening. That really threw me for a loop! Obviously you have determined that they aren't necessary. I'd love to hear why 🙂 Thanks

  • I love this. Traveling to Europe for a week with my teen son soon (which will be an adventure in many ways) and I am a beauty junkie. Always looking to pare down everything when I travel – beauty items, clothing, etc. Thanks for the great tips!

    ***Also, I have a NuFace that I put away, tried it on and off for a few months hoping for great results and thought I didn’t see any. Since you love it, and I love your routines/results/videos, I’m going to try that puppy again!

  • Hi Angie. I love your Chanel! I am 50 and have recently lost a significant amount of weight…which really made a huge difference in how much older I look now. So, I REALLY appreciate that you share your "experiences" so openly and honestly. Like you, I want to do whatever I can to look as good as I can for as long as I can. E.g. I had a little filler done this past week for the first time ever! I only found your channel since Christmas, but have watched the majority of your vlogs. I swear you are aging backwards! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Hi 🙂 I'm a new subscriber and really enjoy your videos. I'm curious if you have a hard time sleeping on a regular bed/pillow when you travel now that you're used to using a sleeping wedge. I'm assuming you don't bring that with you! ☺️ Also, I haven't found any mention of True Botanicals in any of your videos (yet) and was wondering if you've tried their products or if you plan to.

  • Did you do the baking around eyes. Couple of people did two days ago and I bought products yesterday but now I can't find it. Can you tell me where to go.

  • what is the difference between the Matrixyl products

  • Hi Angie. I am very thankful I have found you. You have helped me and my sister a lot with our skin care journey.
    Do you have a good recommendation for a nice waterproof foundation that can last Thru out a good workout. And waterproof eye pencil ? Thank you

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