• Hopefully we can save the people that have been wronged by greedy selfish officials. Reform has begun. States need to recognize the feds cannabis reform. Drs like this need canned.

  • Cleveland Clinic has so many guidelines for who recipients of organs but will take a organ from a pot smoker! In many situations donors are not even given pain meds while they remove the hearts from donors !"they don't want meds to ruin the heart they claim) yet the patient that receives the heart is on lots of pain meds ! After the transplant what doctors won't tell a heart transplant patient is the meds they take will ruin other organs at some point most likely kidneys first and you have a 1 and a million chance of finding a donor match then finding a hospital because Cleveland Clinic don't give children kidneys who have had heart transplants! It's all about good numbers! So many die alert not able to understand how the doctor let them die !!! It's a scam organ donation don't work buys time at the expense of someone very ill making them more ill it's selfish 😔

  • Cannabis was and is a medicine 2000 years before the American drug war. All the hospitals and the law enforcement’s need to be re educated. In Israel doctors and scientist found that the cannabis plant can kill cancer cells.

  • This is all lies

  • This open my eyes alot more then what i already knew. Alot more laws tgat need to change! So sad to see. We as people seem to be ither full hearted or zero hearted. No inbetween.

  • I'm offended by this sort of behaviour its not acceptable to deny someone a transplant its criminal

  • I'm a post-liver transplant patient haven't to poison medication such as Cyclosporin or Mycophenolate for 10 years this poison have the dangerous side effect. I just smoke Marijuana to replace this poison. All my monthly blood test looks good. But the stupid Physian try to speak science Jargon such as DNA and Genes and told me it is a must to take anti-rejection shit. DNA and Gene are just a Bluprint. I'm waiting for them to ask me the question then I sue them for broke and make sure they never practise again. Few of my Liver transplant friend end up with more sickness and other diseases such as Cancer.

  • Wow! Its ok for him to take hard narcotics but not medical marijuana.

  • Rest in Peace Norman. Most hospitals are in the life-saving business, I gets cedars-Sinai didn't get the memo. Shame on you cedar-Sinai

  • The real problem is mindless drones like Peggy Stewart.

  • Now with Marijuana in Cali legal for recreational use, do they consider that "substance abuse"??

  • cannabis oil it the healing smoking helps but the oil is from god..Amen search..for testimonial cannabis oil

  • I am 32 and in desperate need of a transplant and I agree with the dr on this because all you need to do is follow the rules! is that to hard for some people?

  • "We do not make a moral or ethical judgement about marijuana use. Our concern is for the health and safety of our patients." That's a lie. It's a LOT safer for a patient to use marijuana than it is a multitude of other pain meds, ESPECIALLY if they need a liver. It's well known and multiple studies have shown that painkillers as mild as aspirin and ibuprofen damage and cause scaring in the liver and kidneys. They also paralyze cilia (in the intestines, causing slowed metabolism, and in the ear causing tinnitus/'ringing' and even deafness) Painkillers (NSAIDS) also inhibit osteoblast activity (bone building cells) BTW, you should not be taking any sort of painkiller if you have a broken bone, because it slows down and weakens the repair.

  • what more data do you need 😥

  • She's lying. They do discriminate morally. They actually do have a problem with donors who have tattoos and have been incarcerated. Their excuse being that they have risky life behaviors and therefore may have something wrong with their organs

  • fuck the gov

  • I would suggest using Colorado's model. Limit to thirty days the session of the state legislators. Limit each "representative" of the corporate state to two, (count 'em. two) pieces of legislation each. Works extremely well. Coloradoalmost forces citizens to partake in the state elections and session rules, they have cut property tax in half, the extortionate sales tax by nearly half and by God are clearly fed up with being told what they cn and cannot do. The Almighty gave  us ten commandments. those are the only laws we need. Fuck the State. Sic Semper tyrannis.

  • d if you take a drink at your close family weddings are alcoholics. One drink, and you are a certifiable Slobbering juice freaks. Living in a land of multiple standards, These shitfinishes are beyond my anger threshold.When's the last time we arrested someone for "i just puffed the reefer and went home and buried the axe in all their heads"? Got any other good ones? Methinks you are a liar regarding the entire relationship between man and the cultivation and use of plants.We WILL vote very swinging dick out of the legislature next election. We don't want corrupt and statist lawyers running our state and our personal business. Do like Colorado and use our referendum right to overrule the poorly disguised squank running uncontrolled manufacturing felons. Whatta bunch of insufferable asses. Next election folks, and they ALL go..               . ,

  • If I'd been this man, I would have tried to find another country that might have been able to help him, but from the other comments, I gather that he's already passed on. When are we going to wake up? And as far as the fungus that apparently grows on some weed, you'd think it would be destroyed once it's burned, if it's smoked and not ingested.

  •  We in the canna community need to change our donation agreements to read: "My organs to only go to persons testing positive for cannabis use."

  • @1:43"marijuana is considered substance abuse"
    how can a Noun be considered a Verb? you stupid stupid bitch

  • I am so sorry they are giving you so much grief. It seems a persons life takes second place in when it comes to government involvement.  They are upset because you are not using the pharma companies. I'm pretty sure you're getting your pot in a different place than big pharma. 

  • Sorry bub, but you don't get it.  And you aren't anybody to speak on the science of any of this.  Leave science up to the scienticians, ok?  Couch potato expert, much like the rest of the brainiacs in here.  Not a single bit of science education at all.  Wonderful.  

  • I'd like to see a report that says even 1 person died from a liver transplant because of Marijuana usage :p

  • Of course you cant have a liver . U haven't been buying big pharma drugs all this time . God I would beat the breaks off that lady .

  • please point me to your facts and science

  • I used to support medical marijuana. I thought it was no big deal just like you. But now I found out the facts and science and realized I was wrong.

  • Ummm… it's less addictive than coffee. And if you're addicted so what? It's harmless. Try and find someone that has long term or fatal health problems soley due to Cannabis use. You can't. Don't believe me? Try and find one person. Good luck.

  • These people are fucking monsters and I hope they all burn in Hell.

  • No good.
    Start a campaign for cannabis users to withdraw from organ donations until this policy changes.

  • Excellent video. Thanks for posting.

  • People like this lady really boil my piss. It's just shear ignorance to proof and evidence.

  • calling medical marijuana users substance abusers is discrimination

  • They also want to take away medical marijuana users gun rights. Fact is smoking marijuana is a personal decision and you don't have to tell your doctor even if they ask. Just keep your mouth shut and your transplant won't get denied. I was smoking again the day I got out of the hospital and my lab-test have been terrific ever since. FYI doctors CANNOT test you for Cannabis without permission or a court-order.

    Kidney Transplant

  • i guess that dumb bitch missed this in med school ..that fungus is in the fucking air we breath everyday !! should the guy be on a respirator all day everyday till the transplant ?? What is aspergillus?
    Aspergillus is a fungus whose spores are present in the air we breathe, but does not normally cause illness. However an individual with a weakened immune status may be susceptible to aspergillus infection.

  • This guy is now dead, and had this stupid policy not been in place he could very well still be alive. That just grinds my gears.

  • I have been smoking marijuana in moderation since I was 13 years old.. I am very successful and have had no problems with it whatsoever.. as a matter of fact it has helped me in many ways. It is no more addictive than drinking tea is.
    It is scientifically proven to not be physically addictive whatsoever. ANYTHING can be mentally addictive, eating food, exercise.. or self pity!
    You are uneducated and inexperienced with the plant and speak the words of others that wish to control your body.

  • but it is very addictive unfortunately. yes god created for good but some people use it in a bad way. this is why marijiuana can not be easily sell out there.

  • I live in the USA .. And This is not who we are !! there have been a to many years of Liars and piece of crap sadistic, war profiteering people in our government … Our government lies to us ! WE the people of the USA dont feel the same way as our government !! our government lies to us to get voted in to office ad then you see how they lied to us !! !They rule by fear !! dont be fooled .. Marijuana can heal the WORLD tell everyone !!!

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