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  • Legalize and I’ll advertise #LegalizeMarijuana #2Aallday

  • Drugs and firearms don't mix and never have. Make your choice but you can't have both. It never occurred to these people that in order to locally legalize your drug use they willingly vote away all their other rights to get those drugs so they can get high. You don't need to be a Bible thumper to be clean. Joining the Military or being a firearm owner takes care of that problem all by itself. Drugs will never be tolerated and those of you who partake are outcasts and aliened from the community as you should be. I don't want to be anywhere near you with a firearm loaded or not with illegal drugs in your system. Remember that is how Chris Kyle and his best friend Chad Littlefield was murdered.

  • Let’s make a license for alcohol then and make the real people that shouldn’t have them restricted as well

  • OMG seniors or not dont be acking like your know it all person of a 100 %  your a lier  just like  last parents are being  stupid find out thier child have allergies allso its saying you or that marijuana  and cannabis but not your own child , if you choose that marijuana  and cannabis instead of the child you got a real problem that problem is guess you have no problem then or is it not a verry good parenting  .

  • How about this do you have problems if i give you a bear hug without letting you go untill you drop ? Then i guess you dont have a problem then i do the same like a lawsuit to stop marijuana .

  • I pretty much agree if you're on marijuana you definitely don't need a gun

  • and a good many gun owners are mentally ill and and many drink …. so why are those people allowed access to guns?

  • They can prescribe Xanax, or opiates, and you can go buy all the guns you want… but the plant 🪴 comes in your life and all of a sudden your second amendment rights are null and void??? That’s a doggone shame. Reform now!!!

  • We need this tyrannical law changed

  • Ask Nikki what Florida law says about concealed firearm permits, which her Department issues. It specifically says you can't have a concealed carry permit if you are prohibited from purchasing a firearm. Yet she is on record, podcast saying she has both medical marijuana card and concealed carry permit. How is that?

  • BS. Florida could just drop the required medical marijuana registry, or legalize marijuana. With no registry database, the government would have to prove illegal drug use. Registration for medical weed is giviing evidence against yourself. Being required to register, to give self incriminating evidence against yourself to get medicine, should be violation of the 5th amendment. Why isn't that reported or talked about. Why wasn't this reported when the medical marijuana amendment was on the ballot being voted on. I know many people who would not have voted for it if they had known it meant losing your 2nd amendment right. If a person had their home robbed and a gun stolen, and police recovered the gun years later, they could not get their own gun back if registered for medical marijuana. Like being robbed twice.

  • What’s all the fuss about? Just change your last name to Biden and lie on the background check form. It worked for Hunter.

  • Next you can't own a gun if you drink alcohol. What's the difference Joey? Joey keeps trying to chip away at our rights.

  • Everyone now knows that illegal grass is racist fraud, we dont need to obey cult law in america. Only laws made w reason not i said so. Thats "secular government". Shove your fake jesus crap, no vows no christian just fraud horndogs.

  • Alcoholics should be ban from going to bars lmao😭

  • This country, man. What a mess. Still the best there is, but Jesus.

  • Hope the fed gov changes laws I really want to get a ffl and get a job with firearms but just medical marijuana


  • Shout out to those who were able to see past the propaganda we were fed in schools. My moment came in about 2012/2013 when Colorado became recreationally legal and everything turned out alright.

  • If Nikki smokes her medicine and it makes her so dangerous and out of control that she can't be trusted with a gun, than what about everything else ? Can she be trusted at a restaurant with a steak knife ? Is she gonna go crazy and start forking every one ? What about a hammer or a screwdriver ? Maybe we should put a ankle monitor on her so she can be tracked , we could have a Nikki tracker app to keep everyone safe ! Hey Every one its the aggerculture commensior run for your life ! Paper plates and plastic silverware and stryofoam cups are definitely going to have to be mandatory. maybe it would be a good idea to make her put a face mask on so she can't bite any one !

  • The Biden Administration is a hypocritical one. Al Gore should run against Sleepy Joe.

    Hope this lawsuit gets Biden to actually do something the Democratc Party said it would.

  • Sue Florida, sue!
    Marijuana is a natural plant.
    My understanding is; you cannot made a law against something natural.
    How can this be a good law? W
    Why does the United States government Legislators think that a natural herb is a drug?
    How did Marijuana get classified as a drug?
    What is the legal definition of a drug?
    W h at is the legal definition of an herb?
    I am not a biologist, so Florida maybe a biologist can clarify whether Marijuana is a drug or herb?
    Enough is enough.

    This should be the people's class action suit against the United States and every citizen of the United States should join the law suit.

  • the biden administration is guilty of human trafficking

  • Go get everybody to abide by the same walls as we taxpayer Americans do

  • Meanwhile, alcohol…

  • If you don’t like it here….leave. I hear Ukraine is nice this time of year.

  • Notice its one catastrophe after another since this usurper was put in place by the globalist? And each magically involves the stealing of monies under the guise of aid.

  • Biden is lost, he is a puppet – Jen is behind the curtain pulling his ropes, Bunny needs to save him from making some additional crazy comments, maybe he was an Easter Bunny in the past, maybe he drove the truck that delivered the bunny…
    Hey Biden, No Mask Needed…..
    Crime out of control – worst in US History, criminals shoot people and get let out 1-2 days later, more rights than the victims – all under Bidens rule.
    Illegal Immigration – out of control, worst in US history, crossings at Non-Entry Points which is "Illegal" breaking US Law, Biden trying to change the color of the US population, that is their plan…that is why they are not enforcing US Law – Biden breaking the law – exposed US Citizens to COVID from Non-Vaccinated Illegals sent all over the USA during a World Wide Pandemic..
    Inflation – Highest in US History.
    Gas per gallon cost – Highest in US History.
    Supply Chain Issues – disaster..Fuel Cost impacting Transportation cost, farming cost thus flows right into product cost.
    Interest Rates going up to 10% or more..Coming Recession….
    CRT / BLM / Trans BS – being forced onto your children in school without your permission – You the Parent go to your room, you have no say at School and what your children are exposed to….Change This VOTE…
    War – International relations a disaster.
    Just a few of Bidens accomplishments…..
    Day one Biden thought it was a good thing to follow AOC and the Squads fight against the Oil and Gas, Coal industry – pushed the Green New Deal, cancelled Keystone Pipeline construction, cancelled Oil and Gas Leases, added additional taxes – day one the World Oil price per barrel started going up – all caused by Biden messaging and actions – this caused the start of Inflation World Wide – its all on Biden, do not fall for their BS, Smoke – its not Trump, not Putin, not Texas, its all on Biden…its his actions that caused where we are today…..


  • Alcohol is worse than drugs but it's legal…..but for the government it's ok….who makes the law just sucks…..I don't see any difference about who used what…..at the end all are wrong….

  • Legal cannabis users are being denied their second amendment right to defend themselves in their own homes…very un-American.

  • Funny how all the wrong people make the bs laws we have to live with .looks
    Like a drama show .

  • Private sales have no forms.

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