Tommy Chong's Medical Marijuana Garden | Complex

Tommy Chong's Medical Marijuana Garden | Complex

The weed legend Tommy Chong takes Sean Evans on a trip through his very green grow house. Subscribe to Complex for More: …




  • Leo man 😂

  • tommy just over here shorting Ps haha

  • 🖤🖤🖤

  • He doesn’t have the alien al strain

  • No disrespect for the man but how did he get his license and where are the lizards

  • Lol his best friend is a white supremacists
    ✋🤣 Is anyone surprised!!!

  • Sean’s eyes are barley open lol

  • Is this Sean Evans from Hot Ones!? No f**** way, my eyes can't believe this. 😂🙏🤘

  • I love the newspaper story

  • In Ontario 🇨🇦 we have Tommy's dosi punch . I added an 8th to my order. 19.25%thc. 0.50%cbd. .18%cbg. 1.21%cbga. 1.90%terps.

  • He should have never been arrested. He is innocent

  • Tommy Chong is thee man!! Cannabis is the ultimate plant. I guarantee that cannabinoid is a missing nutrient in the human race. If it was used regularly and they made medicine with just CBD for kids that have ADHD, or seizures, cannabinoid would probably eliminate majority of those issues instead of government regulated pharmaceutical medications that don't heal a damn thing which is their intentions knowing they make more money off of treating instead of curing which is screwed up. If they allowed veterans even on duty to smoke on their breaks and weekends would help relieve alot of PTSD issues. Cannabis can fix the world.

  • Wonderful

  • Man, that was a hot one

  • I was honored to roll Tommy Chong Joints.

  • You need leds this is some stone age growing

  • Rather smoke weed than drink

  • Chong has/had cancer too 😔?

  • My Noewegian government put me in jail for 10 days for "drug smuggling".
    The incident happened in 2007.

    I pleaded not guilty.
    My 10 days in the joint was spent in 2011
    Stated it was for medical purposes.

    And smoked cannabis every day while in the joint after chopping woods and punching a punching bag.
    Now, I have it LEGALLY!

  • One important thing you should know is that indoors weed isn't as nutritious and healthy as an outdoor grown facts💯

  • Did not expect to see Sean Evans.

  • Sean in cannabis???.. i expected hot peppers from hell..:P

  • Thank God for THC oils and pills. I was a "normal cigarette" smoker for 30 or 35 years and quit just a few years ago; and I am totally against smoking weed. Hear me out. It's the act of physical smoking I'm against (and by that I mean: the intentional sucking of smoke into your lungs). I'm a firm believer that your lungs were not meant to have any kind of smoke drawn into them! And every new year, I'm a little more thankful I don't have lung cancer yet. I cannot believe that the smoking of weed does no harm to your lungs!

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  • Yeah… Over here its illegal.. Maybe in the future it will be possible to cultivate ones own plants..

  • Tommy Chong is technically a Canadian Treasure.

  • See, I'm not the only person who squeezes a bud and licks his fingers 😀! Good THC should never go to waste

  • Smoking weed helps me with alot things that I have wrong with me and it also helps me focus on tasks that I'm doing lol

  • If black people brought up how the illegal marijuana is a a racist stunt from the old days, we all would probably be worry free and smoking by now.

  • I would love to smoke with him in my backyard

  • That interviewer doesnt seem fun to be around

  • 4:55 "Weird Orgies, Wild Parties and Unleashed Passions"?? I thought this was supposed to be negative propaganda!

  • I love this guy !!!….hes definitely the king of pot!!! Growers..from the Appalachian mountains of KY,.. two thrums up my brother..

  • So hot ones does smoke 😂


  • Thank you Tommy Chong you are the man!!

  • Jack's grandpa is funny.

  • As a hemp grower, I have to say this is awesome. Congratulations, and beautiful plants.

  • This mean Sean is the producer of hot ones and i got surprised when i saw this and said “ha i fucking knew it” lol

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  • i really didn't know sean was such a stoner, hell yeah

  • Dave's not here man…

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