Ganja Geezer


  • I just want to say Well Done !!! Im a PA with Fibromyalgia . Im also thinking of practicing Medical Marijuana. Your approach is exactly the way Im approaching it.

  • Video was quite helpful for someone who wants to learn how to dosage properly.

  • So off topic..

  • You ramble and jump all over the place and your video names have nothing to do with what you talk about.

  • Liked the vid, but might have more helpful to include mg dosges of edibles and tinctures.  I got Zappafied by your postrer in the back.  Thanks, i've liked and subscribed to your channel.  Don't eat the yellow snow at St. Alfonso's Pancake Breakfast 🙂

  • So much respect for you and your video making style in general, ganjageezer! I've been using cannabis both recreationally & medicinally for years. It's really such a fresh and positive change of pace to see such well thought out and down to earth videos, and I just started watching. Very genuine composure. I also have to thank you for treating cannabis as the medicine that it is — as not all of us are in medical states! This is just the kind of approach the industry needs to grow and prosper 🙂

  • I'm glad to see the Nuggetry folks coming to the channel. This is where I publish the videos first.

  • I love watching your videos. Thanks for the time you put in with making them. I actually saw you on Nuggetry and love your vids. So am now a subscriber. I really am thankful for all your reviews it really helps me choose where to go. I live in Highlands Ranch so not to far away from Denver. Hopefully I'll run into you sometime! Thanks again Geezer!! Have a good one Bud:)

  • Another good watchable understandable video. When Cannabis becomes legalized you should sell your vids to syndicated tv.

  • your videos are great!

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