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  • you shouldn't get high on your own supply

  • thank you Aphria and Tilray

  • Out big on Tilray so hodling, hoping ES can get this right.

  • Protecting children Really… Alcohol is a worse drug that literally kills not just children but LEGAL adults too FACTS

  • THC and CBD should be as important as alcohol and caffeine, because some people just can't enjoy alcohol and/or caffeine…

  • Beware the hair gel ceo, they are worse run than OGI or Hexo. Pumpin n dumpin tilray.

  • Love aurora

  • Trading higher? Lol these stocks are in the dirt

  • Who bought above 50 tho?

  • They can't even protect kids from cigarettes, opioids or vaping. Legalize it already!

  • I hate Meme stocks and robin hood traders!

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