• Ignorant greedy politicians are reaping what they have sown, overgrow the government has devastated their sick tax bullshit and will very soon eliminate the legal market


  • Need to go reciprocal so that med patients from other states can come and get their medicine as well

  • Well i hope it works out for them.

  • Honestly there’s no difference between a gram of medical and a gram of recreational 🤷‍♂️


  • No matter what they try to say about cannabis. I still strongly believe that it is better than alcohol

  • Maybe because the quality is falling behind recreational cannabis. I have 36% thc flower from a rec shop, medical shops top out at 28%. Medical tastes bad too.

  • the rats who made this world's most perfect food and medicine illegal must hang

  • I had to respond to this story because I feel one of the biggest reasons people are not buying medical marijuana was not addressed. Older people are almost always a shoo-in for medical marijuana because we live with a lot of joint pain and marijuana helps immensely. But the price of seeing a "marijuana doctor" has tripled or possible quadrupled since marijuana was legalized. I cannot afford a couple of hundred bucks just to get my medical marijuana card. Frequently, the people who need medical marijuana are folks that do no have a huge budget – the elderly and the disabled. Maybe add this factor should be considered as well. You want to keep medical marijuana viable in Colorado, consider making it more financially accessible.

  • Free the Weed

  • Medical marijuana is a scam. THC is poison. Just ask the Emergency Room doctors.

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