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  • I bet the 'Pharmaceutical industry shut down the older study he mentioned that found it basically cures epilepsy decades earlier…

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  • U didn't mention, likely because U are unaware, many seizure meds have miserable side effects. I've never had any real problems involving weed. Except, of course, not being able to find any. However, after My Family talked Me into going back on a seizure med, My quality of life diminished drastically. I wasn't even able to be aware of the fact I hadn't even been outside in at least 5 years. My short term memory was most affected, U see, if U can't keep up with a conversation it's hard to interact with others. No one wants to make plans with someone who won't be there. You can't even make plans on Your own if You can't remember the previous day. This also makes it impossible to notice any needed improvements in a given situation. 3 years now I've been noticing drastic improvements in My memory making and recall. Even organization skills are beginning to return. Likely I'll never get back the 5-10 years nor the countless knowledge I lost. I'm not totally against big pharma but I am a big supporter of legal cannabis in any format. I do think more studying should go into new chemicals before releasing strange stuff to the general population without EVER checking side or long term effects. Look at the vaccines being pushed onto the population, You can't tell Me ANY test were done regarding it, They didn't even check to see if it would work. We all know there wasn't time between the outbreak of the pandemic and the release of the vaccine. Unless the concoction was created behind everyone's back beforehand¿¿. I was admitted to the hospital a few years back bc of seizures and kept in quarantine afterward, supposedly I had COVID. Now when I asked what kind of meds were being used to treat this supposedly deadly sickness that I hadn't even the slightest sign of sickness, I was told a list of various vitamins that I regularly keep and currently had in My bathroom cabinet at home before being offered the current vaccination. I called BS on that. Can U believe a vaccine was approved before a treatment was even considered? Doesn't it take extra time for a vaccine to show proof of effectiveness, let alone safety¿ ? And it was not only being offered but pushed on people, even upgrading on a regular basis. Now, yes it may not be Your Grandpa's weed, however, I've still never heard tell of anyone suffering long term from bein high on THC. If anything, these more potent strains and extracts reduce the overall consumption and/or time spent getting high. If there's a chance You may get "too high", You'll be more likely to either quit or wait for a proper time and place for recreation. It's not so necessary that a person would knowingly risk their job over, especially since they need work to fund their "habit". * Crystal

  • I'll always recommend Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube, he got the best herbal medicine to cure Epilepsy permanently

  • I have Parkinson’s can it help me?

  • Incredible that anyone can buy alcohol and cigarettes that have zero benefits medically, but a plant that helps so many is frowned upon and illegal.

  • The only problem I have with this is the fact they only name these laws for Caucasian children. They are just as many African-American children that have epilepsy that die in car crashes that have been hit by people that were drunk driving in every last one of these laws are always named after a Caucasian child. I’m glad that medicinal marijuana is looked at differently now but we need to be racially equal

  • B.S. this is only 1 M views after 8 years

  • Thank you

  • I really like it. Let's also check out Weedborn CBD products.

  • Thank you,my husband had a stroke and became an epileptic,long story short,fell in to a coma last July 5 weeks,when he woke he was about 5 tears old , and.he’s 67,now,the cannabis helped save his life!!!! And is repairing his brain damage 🥰🥰🥰🥰. Cuddles from Canada 🌼🌼🌺🌸🇬🇧🇨🇦M

  • my people it is not just CBD. CBN CBG CBC so many other cannabinoids. The potential of this plant is as close to limitless as possible.

  • R.i.p Charlotte

  • God this video suckered punched me right in my feels spot. At work blubbering like a baby wanting a bottle

  • Our government wants to controll the population same reason why abortion is legal so-called elites wants to use this world as there playground

  • THC is the healing element in Cannabis . God bless this man .

  • That’s wonderful, thank you!

  • I so got Goosebumps and love for Charlottes family! How wonderful!

  • My two Carron Terriers get CBD everyday for seizures. Very excellent results.

  • 7:56 That's why the government tried to hide the benefits sixty-five years ago.

  • It would probably be easier for all of us if we just put it on our license thru the DMV. Do you have any medication that can interrupt from operating vehicles? YES . Easier for society and law to understand who needs it and who doesn't.

  • Not saying you can become a rocket scientist or operate vehicles or work on the operating table, but it could improve your social and fitness in a day to day life.

  • He went from someone afraid of being locked up and became a hero. Against all odds and became greater than himself.

  • The development of a childs' brain is very critical at the young stage. You can just imagine the trauma it has on a child with seizures.

  • 😢What wouldn’t I do to for my child 💔 You guys are amazing and cannabis has been a Godsend for these families 😢🙏🏽

  • It is not abuse . It is a great disease prevention

  • Thank you little girl – and your family. RIP. What I began to learn from your episode with Sanjay Gupta started me down a path that changed my life over time. A tea made from the crushed leaves of high CBD cannabis has had a miraculous effect on my arthritis, and my life long insomnia. The world owes you and your family.

  • This video literally saved my life and life of my daughter!! After having two years of seizures – she is finally healthy (after only 2 month of taking CBD), without any side effects or whatever was caused by pharmaceuticals AEDs. Thank you!!!

  • aCannabis is a medical necessity for all those of us who have been consuming metabolically poisonous Vegetable oils in our diets. The solution is to go vegan and take cannabis supplementation until you are better while getting all vegetable oils out of your diet. You can use some polysaturated oil, that in animal products if you are not quite so worried about living as long as reasonably possible while remaining perfectly healthy.

  • Charlotte’s case and the work and research this man and his family have done changed my mind about MMJ.

  • Rip Charlotte figgy.

  • Just go to Weedborn if you want to improve your health.

  • what if you smoke weed and are taking medication for epilepsy?

  • The biggest example of big pharma telling the gov't what to do

  • the opening is actually rude, bro

  • Amen, Great Strain for pain and seizures💯😌

  • I need it so bad. They say it's effective curative. But it's Impossibly expensive and of course not covered by insurance. Why why so expensive??

  • That’s why you get that feeling behind your eyes when you smoke it’s the reduction in ocular pressure

  • It makes me think of one can isolat one compound targeting what the brain, is it to far off saying the isolation of other cannabinoids would target specific deseas?

  • I had to stop myself from crying,talk about a life saver. Too Josh Stanley and his brothers along with the cannabis plant. I just can't say enough.

  • I had to stop myself from crying. Talk about a life saver him and the hemp plant.

  • Hello 👋

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    You will lose 67% of weight in transition process.

  • Fact that not all heroes wear capes ♥️🖖👏💪

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  • Great talk! It’s quite possibly the most amazing plant on earth. It’s so misunderstood. That’s why I created my playlist of videos centered around CBD. Spread the love and knowledge people. Just be careful and do your homework before purchasing a product. Rest In Peace Charlotte.

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