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  • According to some doctors who have studied the use of marijuana, CBD will help children and adults with epilepsy; it helps to stop grand mal seizures.

  • When people ask me what's the point of putting cannabis in my joint I tell them they should never hide from the total Bliss of anandomide. I'll smoke to that.

  • Does cbd help with Trump Derangement Syndrome?

  • cbd helped my wife

  • It by far is the best information to make it. 👌

  • RIP Jack Herer.

  • We have so many new options in 2022. Best cannabinoid I’ve had has been HHC or HHCO. It helps my back pain like no other cannabinoid I’ve ever had. Even delta 9 thc isn’t as effective on pain. Then there is the beneficial side effects like increased relaxation and relief from insomnia

  • Sons of Arthritis : Cannabis chapter

  • This is a bug commercial looking for lab rats, Nothing more

  • In the Countries around the world where the women use cannabis before, during and after pregnancy have the lowest infant mortatliy rates.

  • I love the stuff, but this guy is just a bookworm by the looks of it.
    Trichomes are the relevant parts of the plant to find the compounds, never heard of Trichromes..
    even spellcheck gives that word a red underline.

  • I started using Weedborn CBD five months ago. It is the best option for me.

  • 3 months ago I started taking Weedborn CBD. This is the best option for me. You can help yourself with CBD.

  • 💞

  • Interested thank you x

  • Even after years of research showing that the whole is better than the constituent parts they still insist on breaking it down. It seems like this kind of research is meant to benefit Big Pharma more than the patient. With that being said this looks to be a very promising treatment.

  • F U

  • Been in chronic pain since1995 what would help me n cannibis what kind

  • I have RA in my hip and take CBD/THC .03% in small amounts 1/2 a dropper 3 times a day, morning, noon and night and basically stay pain free. Depending on daily activities. A half a dropper full is just enough to keep me from getting high. I take nothing else for it and I don't take any other types of meds. Important to consider bc THC will block statins.

  • Ignorant speakers so full of propaganda. 80% of allopathic medicine is based on lies and debase teachings.

  • Twenty years of living with the pain and permanent joint damage of Ankylosing Spondylitis was made possible by cannabis. At 63 I was a full blown raging alcoholic puking bile on a semi regular basis. Cannabis freed me and I am now a five year dry alcoholic who self medicates in a beneficial manner.
    Bless my heart
    Bless my soul
    Didn't think I'd make it to 68 years old
    There must be something, up above, saying come on old hippie, you gotta a lotta love. I've got to hold on for the dogs, the wife, the kids and my girls in the grow tent. They need me as much as I need them. Symbiosis

  • I’ve been making my own CBD /THC oils for three years…it works great for sleeping and increasing appetite but I’ve yet to see results for my severe arthritis …
    I’ve used many strains and pure ruderalis…if I use lots I get seriously whacked ….oh that’s when the pain disappears.

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