• Listening to him makes my heart happy. A well educated man indeed

  • But why does the government send marijuana joints to 3 people in the US because back in the 70s and 80s a doctor proven that it is a medical relief and they went to court to have it approved and sent to their homes and the government wraps joints sends in a round canister from Mississippi to their home, also why does the government have a pattern on marijuana
    Thank you

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  • I rather eat Weed than take Opioids

  • Very informative.

  • Who knew that they were studying cannabis in "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" !!!

  • So, this will be a really good test of a new concept I have cultivated called "crowd-authoring."
    Cognition and intelligence are ‘socially distributed’; instead of dwelling inside the single mind of an individual or a few marijuana advocates they are spread throughout the different minds of all people of earth. Book authorship by sole individuals and partners for profit is out-dated. If the goal of a good book is complete knowledge, we must develop mechanisms that systematically bring together these fragmented pieces of cognition and intelligence from all over the globe.

    Drum roll please……..

    I started a book called The Cannabis Bible which I am open sourcing in a collaborative effort to bring all cannabis knowledge under one master book title, written by the people of earth. Please contribute!

  • Cannabis is helpful and research will show it is….If you want educated information…Listen to the Doc he may know a thing or two also the ridiculous rules that surround this plant.

  • I am the 420 th Like !!!!

  • i have some information that you may find useful, so PM me if you are interested!

  • Would it really work I hve colon and anal cancer and it looks bad pple gave me cannabisoil hope it might save me no other options

  • his ending statement blew it away! but he should have talk about the benefits of rick simpson,s oil, the worl needs to get out!

  • If you can ingest enough, it'll most likely cure cancer.
    Look up Dr. Abrams friend, Dr. William Courtney as well as Dr. Melamede. One discusses ingesting raw cannabis, the other talks about RSO. Rick Simpson Oil.

  • Excellent post.

  • I read that they have licensed Sativex from GW Pharm. under that patent.

  • √º¬

  • United States government patent 6630507 – Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuro-protectants

  • Oct 16 2012, Can science prevail in rescheduling cannabis?
    Americans For Safe Access has a court date today .
    If Doctors like Dr Abrams and hundreds of others in the medical field did not push against the "machine" We would not have learned much about the miraculous qualities of Cannabis.
    Makes me wonder how many other Plants have been demonized by Pharma Co and government bureaucrats. Life saving holistic medicines held back from society so a few chemicals Co can reap billions in profits!

  • Awesome interview!!! Thanks to those who arranged it and to Dr. Abrams. He speaks the truth and should be commended for this interview.

  • Marijuana kicks anxiety and depressions ass :p
    I love it

  • Cannabis can save untold suffering and thier lies deny the sick, and crippled safe affordable medicine.

  • my brother in-law has colon cancer, medical marijuana has helped him tremendously with his appetite, nousea and pain. I hope it becomes legal in every state, ill people can benefic greatly from this wonderful herb.

  • this should be written in my schools data bases im trying to write a research paper about medical marijuana and all the sources are just a bunch a crap a bout politics why is marajuana the one substance that we can't do tests on

  • And God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food. And to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the heavens and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food." And it was so. ~ Genesis 1:29-30

  • This man is truly awesome! A well educate old white man talking about the greatness of marijuana…
    The world is so amusing!

  • The miracle plant

  • Oh my God its MR ROGERS! I always knew there was a reason he was so nice!

  • @Blunted206 Come now, MJ has "hundreds" of known medical uses. Surely you must be high. At best, MJ has about 3 medical uses of significance, but has side effects, like most meds, and is no miracle drug at all. Because you are a pothead, you will make nonsensical statements like "hundreds' of medical uses. Not only does weed cause stupifaction, but generally is only smoked to any degree by the already stupid. If you go sober for 3 months, and deal with your anxieties, you will likely quit.

  • @Jedwardkakin Sorry if it seems I'm picking on you, but I do think for some reason you have become a bit scatterbrained. No on except a pot head would think it particularly clever to use god-created as a justification for taking a drug that puts you under the control of the plant and the pusher. If a notion of god has anything to do with freedom, then you have to be free of the plant and the pusher. Few really objects to the few who might actually get pain relief – you make a Straw Man.

  • @Jedwardkakin Hmmm… how far have you taken your schooling? There is something wrong with how you think. More people have benefitted from synthetic drugs (which are often plant derived) than have ever benefitted from weed. Why turn the issue upside down? Do you understand that your brain did that, and then you believed it and then typed it? What is controlling you? What system do you use to test the validity of a thought, question why you are having it, and then choose to make it public?

  • @Jedwardkakin Some art/music is created by stoners, but I don't think there is a way to know what that percentage is. No historians think Beethoven,Bach,Vivaldi,etc were puffing out. But you don't quite get the point: "intelligence" and "using drugs, even weed" are mutually exclusive. Intelligence can't be defined just any way at all, else it would be meaningless. An intelligenct person would say "the weed makes me like it due to chemical trickery, thus I will not fall for that trick".

  • @Jedwardkakin There are persons in India, known as fakirs (fakers) who dress as Hindu priests and stay high pretty much all day. Most/all educated Indians understand they are stoners & pests and don't take them seriously. The fakirs rarely have a congregation. More serious Hindu priests/teachers can have congregations in the hundreds of thousands, and they do not advocate weed use, except in Bhang, or for sex ala Kama Sutra. However Kama Sutra is only for the Brahmins who tend not to puff out.

  • In India, the native soil of marijuana (ganga, after the Ganges river valley) marijuana is only smoked by a subset of the criminal class and street kids (6 million of them). With a long history of ganga availability the Hindus figured out that the drug causes stupidity and laziness and largely avoided it even before it was criminalized. However a blended drink known as bhang which contains some ganga is legal during the wedding ceremony. Obviously use in India is tied to anxiety alleviation.

  • The "doctor"" says: "Why would we have receptors in he brain that can accept the cannibinoid molecule if we were not intended to smoke marijuana" Such a rationalization is proof that he has gone stupid. We have receptors that accept the active molecules in opium – ergo we should smoke opium? Only a tiny percent of humans in history have smoked marijuana, so apparently it is totally uneccesary. The "doctor's" rational faculty is impaired and he is exhibiting rationalization.

  • there are no bona-fide medical uses for marijuana – whatever some say can be treated w/ marijuana is better treated with drugs that have fewer side effects, such as suppression of the immune system. Marijuana tricks the brain by giving relief from anxiety. Then, the next time anxiety is felt, the brain pushes a thought into consciousness to re-aquire. While on marijuana the brain's judgement faculty is impaired because that faculty is integrated with the anxiety faculty. Result: stupidity.

  • Excellent clip, thanks for posting.

  • great video.

  • @MsWanderer1 Drug companies would find a way to profit off of marijuana even though individuals can grow it. You could make your own aspirin… does anyone? Drug companies sell salt-water and profit just fine. They can profit off *anything*.

  • @nsane87 Amen!!!

  • Great stuff ReasonTV !

  • Thank you Reason.TV, a great vid.

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