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  • i dont have seizures its more arthitis & mental health for me

    with what ive had not top quality stuff ive probably only had few times in my 18yrs of smoking when i knew people in first 5yrs being here

    struggled alot after not havin such people skills & knwledge of weed & it being laced & side effects of it
    but with such experience i think i wana b a grower in future & knwin what it can do with quality ive had ive seen glimpses of its power y i wana grow my own top quality stuff to c the best of it
    no dealer wants to supply u that
    + they dont have strains right for my health or consistent at such potenicy if u c it from a dealers preceptive of how he wants u hooked & y we get such quality
    y im lookin at my own to get the best outta the high coz i believe good quality cannabis wil give u that buzz at such a high
    in future i'l put in care & such plants need & i heard brownies were good or ediables in stronger & weirder high from other peoples experience i understand or hav some idea of what it would b like sounds great
    i need at least a ounce to make some brownies lol

    but great medicine right strains for right things is whats needed & havin rituals & puttin right amount of effort into ur plants for such a high
    its worth it internally results with what quality i had im anxious to c highest high with plant i make we cant expect our dealer to provide us the greatest bud & my people skills isnt that good yet

    but definitly great medicine for mental health & sometimes arthitis with what ive had in past
    i would recommend it

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  • This video is an eye-opener for all of us.ย Talked with Dr. Shackelford at TEDxCincinnati was a complete pleasure! He has a great deal of passion for medicinal marijuana. It was a privilege to watch him speak.

  • ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Natural therapies from nature. Hope the demonization and stigma associated with the plant changes for the good of mankind. Man made chemicals seem to be what has been preferred for so long, for too long now.

  • What a True Miracle ๐Ÿ’— Thank You Ted and Thank You Doctor Shackelford for sharing your Story. Most important Thank You to GOD for Creating things that help us to Live Life. I am Blessed to own over 115 acres in Colombia with a Waterfall and River and Mountain and the Family Goal is to Plant and Grow and Harvest and Export Legal Medical Marijuana to America and any country that needs it and to bring the price of it down to be more affordable. Its silly that this plant is not grown like crazy all around the World. I have never had a Seizure and I hope and pray and wish never to have one. I have no anxiety. I can explode in Anger if I have to when anyone tells me something I don't like or believe or tells me to do something I don't want to. I have never tried Mariquana. I believe its put on Earth just as Veggies and Fruits are put on Earth. Cheers to a Greener Future & Life.

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  • If this is the case from now on I will smoke weed for the rest of my lifetime

  • smoking it can extend your life if you have multiple myeloma, I know I have had it for 7 years without treatment and I am still here!.

  • the story of a little girl and a plant named hippy's disappointment that turned into Charlottes web!.

  • Cannabis is not a drug, it's a God given medication, it's even used in the biblical era.

  • Dr were still waiting for them to land on the ๐ŸŒ™

  • We've heard stories like these already how about talking about something new?

  • Could this have been from the mother ingesting cannabis during pregnancy? Sounds like sheโ€™s got connections.

  • I smoked cannabis for roughly 2 years from age 18-20 lightly. And recently Iโ€™ve been listening to Huberman lab podcast, he just came out with an episode called โ€œthe effects of cannabisโ€, and has shown me that cannabis is not all good, especially in the younger generation, he is a neuroscientist and talks about how it effects development, great episode and I encourage everyone to go watch it!!!

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  • ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘† if u need weed,cart,edibles , free shipping and delivery ..2..ur address.

  • Hmm I wonder if this is true..

  • Wow amazing everyone should be grateful for where there at look at that young girl if you depressed jus be grateful

  • Thank you for being brave Doctor

  • Nothing wrong with pot at all I rather take that for my mental health then taking 3 types of prescription

  • Iโ€™ve been trying cbd for anxiety and depression for 3 weeks and I donโ€™t feel itโ€™s done anything does anybody know the right dosage it also made me light headed

  • Dr Ojamo is the true healer of herbal remedy.

  • 420

  • People don't understand that cannabis is required for human consumption in moderation. It is one of the best anti-inflammatory remedy. I equate it to vitamins. Don't abuse it, use it for the right reasons. We have a cannabinoid system for a reason.

  • Charlotte died, but not from seizures

  • Why Canabiods / Alcho ?!? Fresh Fruits is better.

  • Would you use medical marijuana to your relatives?Specially with your own kids?

  • In India ganja is called king of all herbs.. And thts the name given more thn 8000yrs ago.. And still sadhu and saint's consume gamja..

  • I will quit smoking weed one day insha alah

  • Sadly, most doctors care only about money and will not go out of there way to help anyone.

  • I was addicted to Percocet tablets, now Iโ€™m clean and I only smoke pot, eat shrooms, both have had awesome effects. They are truly a guft from god

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  • Just be careful with use. Weed users nearly 25% more likely to need emergency care and hospitalization

    June 2022 article

  • Plant medicine.

  • How much do you give for pain. It's not helping with my mom's neck pain she has a blood cancer for some reason the pain is in her neck! What kind d of docs can help

  • ๐Ÿ•ตโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  • What is the proper way to use this plant as medicine? Anyone can help here please, I'm going to start using this plant

  • Marijuana is mentioned in Ayurveda and in very few temples it is given as Prasad to Shiva devotees at a temple in Karnataka, India.

  • We have come to a stage where we are not sure what to believe. What if this presentation is sponsored by CBD companies ? As I write in May of 2022 the cannabis industry has reached to 25 billion dollars. I am going to try it anyway.

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