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  • It's really sad to see people from Tennessee going to cannabis legal states and coming down here and ripping us off on the prices legalize it already Tennessee

  • The only reason I can think of for not legalizing cannibus is that some or all the members of the Senate committee are profiting on the illegal sale of it!!

  • We need a referendum state wide and let the voters decide!! Why haven't we had one yet??

  • wow newscasters saying "Cannabis" or "weed" and not "marijuana". more of this please

  • Fuck Tennessee, and I live in Tennessee

  • There are 983 Bars in Knoxville.

  • By now 2023 you would think that all 50 states would put the devils lettuce mentality to the past even 5 years ago! Such a joke 🤡

  • GET BRIGGS OUT OF OFFICE! He is BAD! Dude is a joke and representing the state in a very pathetic and weak manner. Making y’all look like fruits 😂

  • These mf’s are SO behind 😂🤣💀 Fuckin’ Embarassing!

  • The people of Tennessee need to bring a class action lawsuit against the legislative body of the state for denying the citizens God given human rights and the pursuit of commerce and happiness.


  • Was gonna move to Tennessee, but they won’t legalize??!! No wonder people leaving

  • They are taking pay offs and not representing the people. Disgusting.

  • If marijuana didn't help medically it'd just be a supplement……not a controversy

  • So liquor by the drink has a place up high on list ….🤔

  • Gov. Bill is anti cannabis, has made ridiculous statements about it. TN is stuck in the 60's how sad for all of the folks who can benefit from cannabis.

  • Americans for safe access?
    They are dangerous from experience!

  • Would they rather have drug dealers putting random drugs in it not knowing for sure what you’re getting

  • Legalize cannabis federally within each and every state. This way, irrational prohibitionist politicians can't obstruct and prevent legalization against the will of the vast majority of Americans whom support full federal cannabis legalization nationwide. Treat cannabis exactly like we treat far more dangerous and deadly yet perfectly legal alcohol. Legal in all states.

  • Legalize and tax it

  • Have you been on a bus lately?? You talked to 3 advocates and none of the 30+ churches in Nashville.

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