• Triple the prison population and watch America BLOOM back to glory.

  • “The police are systemically racist!”
    Also: “we need to expand police authority to keep minority communities safe!”
    Decriminalization just seems so obvious to everyone who’s not a statist.

  • "can also be discriminatory whether intentionally or not"

    There's no such thing as unintentional discrimination. Disparity is not discrimination. Stop echoing leftist misuse of language.

  • It's great that all these pot smoking liberals are finally experiencing the heavy handedness of government. They are doing the same thing to people growing actual food for people to eat. Try raising a few chickens to sell to the neighbors. Just watch what happens. Maybe after all these pot heads sober up they will start realizing the government isn't their friend and start voting in representatives that will cut the size and reach of all government entities.

  • Read about Cold Cooked Meth.

    Legalized weed DESTROYED the Mexican supply channel demand….so them and possibly even Chinese entities are sponsoring efforts to proliferate this form of meth that's basically FREE and polluting our country like wildfire.

    I've had friends I really thought were closer to me than they turned out to be….try hard to push cross-bred weed, coke on me the last couple years. Disgusting. And very aggressive.

    We're at war folks. Verbally abuse and then cut ties with these people. It's amazing how many people just cave into this garbage. You might as well off yourself if you think you should walk around and drive and go to work feeling like you're orgasming 24/7

  • The vast majority of patients that come into the emergency depetment complaining of psychosis have THC in their systems. Also, the most triggered people on the internet are weed smokers.

  • The handle☝️ is a good plug for all kinds of psycheds., MDMA and more🍄….

  • If you want less of things, higher prices, devalued currency, empire, undeclared wars, massive debt, police brutality, unequal protection under the law, hateful political factions of divisiveness and never-ending Prohibition, the USA is for you.

  • Black market is always going to win! F the government

  • This is why all drugs should be decriminalized. I knew they, (G) would not give up there power without taking as much money, and destroying as many lives as they possibly could. We the people should have never given them this power, as well as many other powers. The Government is never the answer to any problem. They will extort "anything" we allow them to do, for your safety.

  • She should never say bangin ever again

  • Get over the black and brown issue for the love of God quit playing the victim

  • 9:38 how is one race relevant to the conversation?

  • in what rational world does a bsiness entitity have to prove demand for their prodct? market forces decide that on their own. if there is no demand there is no reason to open a bsiness. government overreach again.

  • Great journalism.

  • The government is so transparently fucking corrupt at literally every level that I lose more and more hope for the future every day

  • That was funny af when the cop fell on his face after he broke that glass.

  • 🤦‍♂️ I remember thinking Colorado legalization would eventually drop all this bs but government found a way to make it even worse, more lives ruined and more resources wasted. Thank god the black market wins from this which will eventually stop government in its tracks

  • The State of California has ruined one of its most famous products. I am a field biologist and ranch owner that has stumbled over more "Mendocino blacksnake" (irrigation line) in the woods than I care to recall. There was a brief period where it looked like the recreational legalization was effectively cleaning up the guerrilla grows and putting a serious dent in the influence of the Mexican cartels. But no, never let a good deed go unpunished. Sacramento and several of the Counties have so severely regulated, complicated, and taxed the production and distribution of MJ that the illicit market is back. And with it all of the same problems but with very little of the legal issues.

  • We need to get the weeds out of Washington

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