The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body | Huberman Lab Podcast #92

The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body | Huberman Lab Podcast #92

In this episode, I discuss cannabis (aka marijuana), including the biological mechanisms underlying its effects on the mind and …


Andrew Huberman


  • 6,000 years of pharmaceutical cannabis history says a great deal more important than this schmuck blathers about. Just how many ways can you think to demonize it and deny any well planned and documented research ? 1 ?

  • “C.H.S.” Is deadly. For this who don’t know maybe affected.

  • 58:50 WTF is "Pulling back on a steed of horses" supposed to mean. Steed means a spirited horse. Singular.

  • quite exhaustive in detail

  • 56:56 ur on a sativa rn aren't you

  • Okay, I will try it, if my backpain will increase I will train and relax more ☯️ I train like 8h mindfulness, because my complex ptsd is a really good trauma story 🤔

  • For some reason highly educated people are not good at getting to the point, lol. Professor will literally just ramble, and ramble, and ramble, NEVER getting to the point, and you're just like, wtf?! You just say a whole lot of nothing.

  • Andrew highlights a REALLY good insight as to why some people feel very creative on weed, and some people only feel paranoid. It's because UNDERLYINGLY, if you're already a person who finds comfort in divergent thinking (brainstorming/ideating), then weed will enhance your creativity, because anxiety for that type of person comes from rigidity getting in the way of brainstorming. BUT, if you're someone who thrives in orderly convergent thinking, weed will induce paranoia more than creativity, because that person's comfort zone is a sense of mental clarity and order (which weed can diminish). So in simple English, if you're ALREADY a highly creative if slightly scatterbrained mind, you'll probably feel more creative on weed (especially sativa)….but if you're ALREADY not very creative, and instead thrive in ordering ideas, synthesizing ideas, and streamlining the ideas of others, weed won't make you more creative, and you might not like the feeling, because it's robbing you of that orderly, synthesizing mindset and instead putting you in a place of spontaneous presence. Some people love the feeling of potential from being very present in the moment with no real roadmap on what the moment will consist of (creative people), and some people hate the lack of grounding of orderliness in that headspace. Weed is that complex. It literally comes down to incoming personality types to define the good and bad of using it.

  • Really cool to hear this information thankyou ❤️💪🏽

  • The correlation between dopamine and convergent/divergent thinking is fascinating. It makes a lot of sense, of course.

    I wonder about the case of ADHD. It's associated with low dopamine overall, but we tend to have better divergent thinking and worse convergent thinking. Maybe it's because when our dopamine is low, it's really low, too low for focus and good convergent thinking (which is hard). Conversely, divergent thinking is fun and (maybe?) helps us stimulate dopamine production (a guess on my part).

  • I'd be curious to see research on how much the "paranoid" feeling some people get from being high, relates to perceived social risk (such as the fear of doing something illegal and fear of being caught by the police, the fear of a loved one or friend who disapproves of using cannabis, etc.). I personally noticed that getting high as an adult in a legal state where society generally doesn't mind at all (like California), created WAY less "paranoia" than getting high at college in Alabama 20 years ago when cops would arrest you, students could report you to university authorities, etc. 90% of what I attributed to "weed paranoia" was really a well-founded fear of doing something in a context of concerning social risks, vs. doing something in a context of no social approval.

  • Seems like there needs to be a public health campaign to alert pregnant women to the dangers of using any cannabis products while pregnant. Especially since people think CBD is good for you.

  • As a 40-something who enjoys songwriting, short story, writing, and ideating in general, here is what I've noticed cannabis does. THE GOOD: cannabis can give artistic, musical, and creative people a strong motivation to engage their creative muse. To pick up an instrument and try creating something, to sit down at the computer and try writing something etc. AND it's really good for altering thought patterns enough to give a creative spark and an "outline" of a great song, a great idea, etc. THE BAD: but then what happens is you get addicted to that "first step" in a creative process that cannabis is so good at helping with, that you never get around to actually doing the hard work of carefully honing that song note for note, recording it just right, editing that loose story, developing that intellectual idea further, etc. In other words, cannabis amplifies the ability to "come up with something new", while at the same time, diminishing the capacity to then FOCUS on that new idea once you're NOT high for long enough to get it across the creative finish line. When I use cannabis heavily, I find myself forever with "half finished" songs/stories/ideas that I'm too lazy to complete while sober, then I just get high again and start another "fragment" of an idea. Cannabis is a tool that if used occasionally in key scenarios at reasonable dosage, can aid the artistic process…but if used chronically, just scatters fragments of creativity all over the place while depleting the brain's ability to hone any loose ideas into a refined and final version.

  • In the old testament it says cannabis should only be annointed. Thats a beautiful way to consume it very little negative effects.

  • I waited to watch this sober. I may try to quit weed again but it's difficult

  • I quit. That shit was making me sick and lazy AF

  • Cannabis lowers blood pressure period. Why the silence?

  • I smoked for 15 years, I quit and got pregnant..I figured it was not good for your body if it surpressed life..

  • The Guske Cannabis index•

  • Thank you for being very realistic about this instead of preaching “wonder drug” or “cure all”

  • @AndrewHuberman – What are your thoughts on actions that people can take post age 25 who used Cannabis frequently as adolescents and have since stopped, in order to fortify the brain and counteract the negative consequences of earlier behavior?

  • Thank you for this. It is very interesting and informative.

  • I 100% seem to notice the smallest corny details in movies and shows when I've consumed cannabis and it always makes me laugh and super focused on stuff you would just pass over if you weren't "high".

  • Hi I haven't listened to this. Yet I am a cannabis user since the age of 16, I am now 60, I have never been sick, or needed any type of medication !!!!!!

  • 1:09 I can only anecdotally disagree (brilliant podcast though) I smoked hardcore for 22 years, I used to have major anxiety and effects verging on paranoia early doors. By growing as a person over time naturally and possible acclimation to it, I "Mastered" my high and could go to work high for example. At this stage, have refrained for over 9 weeks and this info is helping me understand the whole interaction better.

  • First 15 minutes of this video is a waste of your time.

  • Because of (most likely) bad childhood traumas, I was a troubled teen who lacked any empathy at all, in fact the opposite, I actually revelled in others misfortune, to the point where my whole existence pretty much revolved around making those around me's life as bad as I could just about get away with.

    It's the weed though that massaged my consciousness into being, I smoked it daily from mid teens to late 20's and it changed me for the better. I developed a love for life in a way that people who knew me back then do not recognise me at all now, and people who know me now would never believe the little shit that I was lol. So thanks weed for bringing me back from a terrible place.

  • Skip to 15:00 if you want to avoid the endless Advertisments and Promotions at the Beginning that he hides in the Video without telliung you before! From 15:00 he first begin to talk about the topic from the Title.

  • The moment you stopped ruler your brain your brain rules you that’s when you have to stop

  • He's never heard of vaping

  • Basically I turned 57 and iam tired of this habit I need to stop it paralyzes me in every way and I want to be happy about quitting it’s a choice to make guys hope we can stop

  • All your comments and this great podcast are acceptable. I'm a Father of a 17 year old son. My life and my family has been with cero drugs, yes we drink occasionally but we work hard as any other individuals. At this moment, I'm in a constant conflict with my son since he began using sativa. It was very depressing for me, I worked for the public and I witness young people loosing themselves on drugs. For those that are going to point that alcohol is also a drug, yes it ls, but it affects people different if have control of it. Now this weed issue is a controversy but they are normalizing and the young people are getting very attractive. The most worrying for me is that, he buys it illegally from a smoke shop, it comes 3 packs already roll. How do I known what is he smoking and I'm also not accepting this behavior. Every family have their problems, I'm carrying mine now. I raise this boy right, with love and values, I hope I get positive answers that will help me analyze and approach this problem with more clarity and understanding. At the moment he smokes constantly and defend his way with a passion. He says it helps him concentrate and his grades are getting better and that I don't understand.

  • What about people on pharmaceuticals who have mental illness or the related condition…..? You are quite judgmental about some things here although I do appreciate the nerdy response to someone who isn’t a chronic user 😊😊ok dude you’re smart but your not experienced?

  • Thanks for a really interesting podcast on Pot. When your younger you dont think about all the serious stuff that can go
    down when using this most relaxant of stimulants regularly until, one day something pops or happens either to yourself
    or someone you know. Your right on the $ cos much of what you've said is what I've seen with those I know of who
    started way too young. There's so many variables when it comes to the safer use of, and intro into, the world of drugs, recreational or otherwise. Thanks for the good data, so helpful 👍🏼

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