• Glorious states that take your other rights away to be allowed to smoke Marijuana. They wouldn't be doing it if they couldn't tax the heck out of it.

  • just remember New Yorkers, you can't legally own a gun if you get the card. Stay Outlaw

  • I from oklahoma use medical marijuana use it in the good way so this is sing by oklahoma saying medical marijuana use as be ap

  • I’ve heard that you can qualify with ADHD is that true?

  • No need in recreation

  • The easiest way to get your card here in PA is to have a Visa card with 150.00 on it and you will have no problem. Lol. I just renewed mine for a second year and it cost 100.00.

  • It seems the price has gone up


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    Omg this dude up my YouTube got me mine with cheap price

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    Omg this dude up my YouTube got me mine with cheap price

  • What abt the site Heally?? is it a scam? please help i alr paid and got a consultation but the doctor was really rude and I dont want to be scammed

  • only 10% are legit consumers , while rest are consuming it for fun and wants it hassel free, deliverd to home.

  • I live in sc and was diagnoised with skitsafrinia. Ive been institutionalized 3 Times. Im fine now. Wasnt supose to go the last 2 Times though. Family did it to me. I smoke weed alot. It helps. I just dont have a mj doctor and would love to get the medical mj. But i would have to probably move.

  • I wanted 👍👆👆👆to express my personal gratitude for the effort in sending me the Weed (Gelato) and extra time you’ve contributed I really appreciate you, now I got my package 📦

  • Apreciations!!!!

  • I want to get a Marijuana card am here in Florida

  • how do i do this in alabama

  • Remember. Once you get that card, say goodbye to your gun rights.

  • Why do I need a license to get weed ( but don't need one to get and drink alcohol ) the more evil drug because man made it

  • Yes but you have to be the resident of a legal state with a medical program to be able to get a card and use it so if you live in an illegal state like mine then you are still screwed.

  • got mine & paid $350 was worth every penny

  • God bless everyone and their family blessings

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  • im my own doctor. screw the state I'm in.. "illegal" na, i do as i please

  • I dnt have
    An I'd but a copy of an expired one what are other forms of identification also I have a psychiatric referral how can I get this done with out a current I'd

  • Can't believe they made the Weed Card into an actual thing

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